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  1. I have bought from them a couple of times and last order was for a selection of flavours which I am just about to complete. Would appreciate the discount code please if someone could be so kind to send For those interested, we favoured the darker roasts like the Mahogany Jampit Hit. Yum.
  2. Thanks, I look forward to getting involved! I decided to stick my original plan and go with the Bianca, so mini-crisis over! :? It arrives tomorrow, so apart from watching Rugby and Athletics I know what I am going to be doing this weekend.
  3. Thanks for the summary, time to start getting my hands dirty!
  4. A few weeks. There comes a time when you have to ask a question!
  5. Hi all Decided my fully automated bean to cup was not up the job anymore. Been thinking for a while now to move to something which could give me more control. So after a lot of reading I bought a used Super Jolly off eBay a few weeks ago and have already given it a good clean. Bean to cup has been packed up and I have been using the grinder with a mokka pot in the mornings with milk heated on the stove, Spanish Cortado style. Even more reading (thanks @DavecUK)and several calls to Bellabarista I ordered a Lelit Bianca last night. Never thought I would spend that much on a coff
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