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  1. Thanks all for you advice. I have went for the Gaggia classic + Niche Zero, both bough from @Hasi Will report back once I have made my first couple espressos! Next item on the list is to learn how to pull a proper espresso On a related point, do I need to get a coffee grind bin or should I not bother? Is there anything else obvious that I might be missing to complete my home set-up?
  2. Great, pm'ing you now so we can close this off asap
  3. Thanks for clearing this up for me @Gavin. I don't think I will ever use that much unless I change careers! Thought to ask because I read somewhere that Mazzer Super Jolly ones need to be replaced every 75kg.
  4. Sorry @Mrboots2u - I do want to make an offer. Matt - I know you said fixed but would £410 + a small bag of coffee beans be acceptable to reflect repeat customer and shipping costs / hassle savings? By the way, the paypal friends and family option has a £3 fee because your account is not registered in the UK (that's the only logical explanation from speaking to support) which I would be happy to cover if you wish. Also, do you have any idea of when the burrs would need replacing and how much it would cost? Best, Otis
  5. I think I will take if off you Matt
  6. I would like to make an offer for £150 if you would consider it. Have you set the OPV to 9 bar?
  7. Thanks for the further assurance @spoxehub! Just want to make sure the model is what I was recommended.
  8. Hi Hasi, I am interested but I'm just checking with another forum member whether this is the model he suggested.
  9. Thanks @MrShades that's super helpful! Does this listing qualify as a good pre-2015 model? Appreciate your expertise on this.
  10. Thanks @Gavin for the input. I'm guessing the SJ would do a good job at both grinding beans for an espresso & filter?
  11. @LJA You beat me to it! Hope you make good use of it. @coffeechap Happy to buy this off you if the sale to LJA falls through.
  12. Does anyone know what's the best way to get a good deal on the 2019 Gaggia classic? Gaggia direct seems to have it for £399 which is very steep! I am assuming you can't really buy the pre-Phillips models unless it's second hand. Any other place I should be looking at besides the sales section in this forum & gumtree / ebay?
  13. Hi all, Just wanted to say hi to all the members here. I have been a coffee enthusiast for a long time (owe it to a good friend who took the time to explain things to me) and I am now embarking on a new journey of making good espresso at home. Have another thread at the new member section if anyone feels like giving me some further guidance.
  14. Nice to see I am not alone and welcome! Let me know once you reach your own conclusion
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