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  1. I was genuinely tempted at first but decided to go for something more reasonable. Can't deny it though - the machine looks amazing.
  2. Thanks all - will probably make my purchase in early Jan so hopefully will not change my mind by then
  3. @MediumRoastSteam I think I'll go ahead with the Elizabeth because I came to the (slow) realisation that ease-of-use is very important for me and the fact it's low maintenance, fast to heat up and has pre-set / programmable modes makes a big difference when comparing to other options. The size fits better with my kitchen space too. Pre-infusion options are cool so I guess the main thing I'm missing out on is profiling but as it's not something I'm too interested in currently I'm not too bothered. The girlfriend approved the looks too so that's another box ticked. An
  4. @MediumRoastSteamI think you may have convinced me to get an Elizabeth! Currently going through the information in the forum and will report back
  5. Welcome @Alpesh. Fantastic coffee equipment choices, glad you are enjoying them! What made you decide to spend the extra £ for the bianca rather than the maraX? I'm having an internal debate so keen to get your view
  6. @Cuprajake- I've looked into the Elizabeth and ACS minima and both look like great options. What further criteria or factors should I use to choose between them? @Jony - I can afford a more pricey machine but I've decided something around £1k is a more reasonable amount to spend for a new machine to test the longevity of my recent home espresso interest before jumping to the top-end of prosumer machines. After I upgrade I'll reconsider in a year or so and if I am still keen I'll just sell my machine and upgrade again. As the machine will only lose ~20% of its value I'm fine with
  7. Thanks David, appreciate your suggestions! I guess you would pick the MaraX over the Rocket Appartamento if looks and branding are not in the criteria? Both the Vivi and the ECM Mechanika V Slim look amazing but want to explore options at the £1k range before moving up. What more do you get from these machine than say the MaraX? To help me evaluate whether it's worth the extra ~£400.
  8. Thanks @Missy - yes can and happy to spend £1k for an upgrade. Any specific options you would recommend?
  9. Hi all, I've decided it's time for an upgrade and would appreciate your advice and guidance. Current situation I currently have the following set-up: Gaggia classic w/ Silvia Steam Wand (pre-2015) Niche Zero Both bought from @Hasiabout a year ago Super happy with the niche zero so not looking to upgrade my grinder. Reasons for upgrading The Gaggia has been a great machine to introduce me to the world of home espresso but looking to upgrade because of: inconsistent shots probably due to varying temperature as I have not tri
  10. Thanks all for you advice. I have went for the Gaggia classic + Niche Zero, both bough from @Hasi Will report back once I have made my first couple espressos! Next item on the list is to learn how to pull a proper espresso On a related point, do I need to get a coffee grind bin or should I not bother? Is there anything else obvious that I might be missing to complete my home set-up?
  11. Great, pm'ing you now so we can close this off asap
  12. Thanks for clearing this up for me @Gavin. I don't think I will ever use that much unless I change careers! Thought to ask because I read somewhere that Mazzer Super Jolly ones need to be replaced every 75kg.
  13. Sorry @Mrboots2u - I do want to make an offer. Matt - I know you said fixed but would £410 + a small bag of coffee beans be acceptable to reflect repeat customer and shipping costs / hassle savings? By the way, the paypal friends and family option has a £3 fee because your account is not registered in the UK (that's the only logical explanation from speaking to support) which I would be happy to cover if you wish. Also, do you have any idea of when the burrs would need replacing and how much it would cost? Best, Otis
  14. I think I will take if off you Matt
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