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  1. Have no experience of the Sage, but am always very cynical when Celeb Cooks get involved in selling stuff.....Heston, Im looking at you......
  2. It makes perfect frothy milky loveliness EVERY time, in 70 seconds and is a doddle to clean... Tell me Im wrong ?
  3. Found here on a Google search a while ago...
  4. Just looked, and ive been signed up since Sept 19 but havnt been signing in, just lurkiing.....
  5. Hi neigbour! Tring here and feel alamost the same about mainstream coffee and hence starting the same journey! Did you buy anything yet ?
  6. Been lurkiing around for a while now, and with a new house purchase under way, will finally have the counter space for a decent setup.... Currently spending far to much money with Nespresso and getting a little bored and unfilled.... Thinking about somethjing like a modded Gaggia Classic and low/ mid priced grinder, ie Mignon manuale as maybe a decent starter setup. Have only ever found one coffee shop that sold coffee I raved about, so have now real expectations on flavour etc, just assuming a largeish step up from caps ?
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