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  1. From my basic understanding, without using a step down transformer, the solenoid and pump would need to be swapped for 230V versions (quick look an the pump is about £15 and the solenoid is £31 at Happy Donkey). The boiler is the same, but on the 230V version the 2 heating elements are wired in series and on the 110V version they are wired in parallel.
  2. The 22g may be too deep for your standard basket. My 21g will only fit in my bottomless one. A bottomless p/f is also something else that's in my list of things to do/get 😀
  3. The P/F was showing an amount of coffee residue that a soak in Puly Caff has cleaned off. I didn't expect to see what I thought was scale in the twin spout and a a bit of a very thin layer on the main body. I will probably remove the twin spout (I need to at some point anyway to adjust the OPV). I also wasn't sure if that is a bit of scale on the hole in the centre on the pic and the one at the top. When I was eyeing up the 18g basket, I was also debating a 22g as well.
  4. Nope, it's the double. Viewed with a 60x12mm cheap magnifier from Amazon (then take photo with an S9+) which is why it looks a bit weird. I'd originally held it up to the light and could see an inconsistency in holes, so took a closer look. I was looking at the 18g VST from HasBean last week (I thought it was £22 last week, now it's £25 🙁) I held off for now as I've yet to get a grinder and am still learning.
  5. I finally got round to cleaning my new (to me) portafilter and basket for my classic by soaking in Puly Caff. This removed the coffee residue that had built up in the bottom of the portafilter, but looking at the twin spout there appears to be some scale in the bottom of it, and I'm not sure if there isn't a little on the portafilter itself. Should I give it a soak in some descaler? Also, taking a close look at the basket there appears to be what looks like scale (see attached). You can also see the variance in hole size, and how rough they actually look. This is the stock basket (I'm assuming), so a better quality one will probably be in my future.
  6. Related to this then.... Would the boiler on something like a Gaggia Classic (with 3 way solenoid) normally be under some pressure, even when turned off? (If my understanding is correct) In operation the pump will supply water to the boiler with the OPV relieving anything over pressure back to tank. The solenoid is energized to open a path from boiler to group head, and the coffee provides a restriction to cause the pressure to increase. When the pump is stopped, the solenoid is de-energized and the flow path is from the group head to drip tray with the exit from the boiler now being sealed. As the boiler was subject to some pressure prior to the pump stopping, it would remain pressurized as there is now no open path.
  7. The same setup I'm part way to. I got a 2nd hand Classic to replace my defunct Dualit, and want to get a Niche (I'm currently using pre-ground from a local roaster as I don't have a grinder🙁) I may well have jumped on Hasi's Niche if I'd spotted it in time. I need to strip my Classic and give it a service. I've got the parts, just need to get round to doing it.
  8. I've recently acquired a 2008 Gaggia Classic to replace my failed Dualit 4 in 1, which I'm looking to give a good service and clean (the Classic, not the Dualit). Externally, the machine looks in very good condition, but I don't think it was ever backflushed. I think it has been descaled, but don't know how frequently. It does weep from the group seal, and the steam wand, which is probably to be expected. I'm planning to strip it down and replace the seals, including splitting the boiler and checking and descaling/cleaning internally. I've got a brass shower block and IMS shower screen to replace the stock parts. I've also got a replacement Silvia steam wand and a new steam valve, so can replace the existing one (can strip and clean the old one) . The basket and portafilter could maybe do with a soak in in Puly Caff. Any bits I should or shouldn't be soaking in either Puly Caff or descaler? I know I don't want to get the heating elements wet. After cleaning, I'll tweak the OPV. Longer term, I plan on doing my own PID with an Arduino and adding other automation. Having cannibalized my defunct Dualit for some parts that I think I could use, I could maybe add the thermoblock as pre-heater (but that is a while off yet). Anything else I should be considering/wary of in the short term?
  9. I had a Dualit 4 in 1 for about 2 1/2 years before the pump failed. I tried replacing it, but there was something else wrong with it. It would start to flow, then stop and flash all the lights. I've now replaced it with a 2008 Gaggia Classic which I plan on having on a play at pimping with an Arduino. As my day job is a controls engineer, I should be able to do something, but I'm more used to playing with PLCs and haven't used an Arduino before. I've scavenged some parts from the Dualit as I may be able to make use of them. I mostly drink decaf at home and work. At home going for an americano with a splash of milk, and usually plump for a latte when I'm out. I tend to get my coffee from Stokes as they are local and can get some when I'm in town, and get it ready ground. Having been lurking for a few weeks, I realize I need to get a grinder. Initially I was looking at a Mignon from reading here, but think that I should be looking to push the boat out and go for a Niche.
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