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  1. ??? How much did you have to back off the OPV? I measured mine at about 12 bar before adjustment and took 1/2 turn off to get to 10 bar.
  2. Just had a quick look and since I started down the rabbit hole of coffee, I've spent just over the cost of a new Classic on buying my machine (a 2008 Classic) and a number of sundries and upgrades like: Airscape container Motta Tamper Puly Caff and Descaler Blind basket Brass shower block IMS shower screen Mr ShadesPID Pressure gauge (for portafilter) New seals Silvia steam wand New steam valve 2nd portaftiler and a bottomless portafilter (both used) I've still got to service it (i.e. fit the seals, new shower block/scr
  3. Did mine last night and went from about 11.5-12 bar before to 10 bar with 1/2 turn. Big thanks to @ashcroc for pointing out my rookie mistake of leaving the basket in causing a massive leak path (which I originally thought was that the group seal needing replacing as water was pouring out).
  4. From what I was reading the other week, not all Rex C 100s are created equally. Some have an SSR output for the PID and some have a relay fitted. They can be converted to an SSR version by removing the relay and adding some links. Secondly, some don't seem to have the relay and terminals fitted for the alarm output which is needed for the steam control. I did see where someone had taken the relay from the PID output and used it for the alarm output. What SSR did you order for the steam control? The normal method is to use one that has a 230VAC input not
  5. Thanks for that, I hadn't thought of that being the leak path. Obvious when you know.
  6. ?‍♀️ Rookie mistake. I thought I'd read to leave the basket in, but just checking the thread on adjusting the OPV I see I need to take it out. I also spotted a comment somewhere about pre-filling the portafilter with water to help damp out the vibrations on the needle. One good thing, I did take the top off the OPV (and then put it back) while I had the boiler on the bench. I'll give a quick try before changing the seal first, but I will be changing it at some point. I hate to think what's under the shower screen and block. It's a 2008 machine and I don't think it was ever ba
  7. Got mine fitted last night ? Probably took me about 3 hours, taking it nice and steady following the well written comprehensive instructions. Only real hiccup was I dropped a nut for the SSR and lost it ?‍♀️, but managed to find another one in the garage. Not actually tried to make a drink with it yet as I was going to do the OPV mod first, but hit a snag. Fitted my gauge to a portafilter and turned on the pump, but it leaked like a sieve from the group seal ☔ so tonight's job is to replace that and probably do the shower block and screen at the same time. I probably should ha
  8. Actually arrived Saturday rather than today. Thanks to @MrShades for the excellent service. Not got round to fitting it yet though ?
  9. Andori


    My experience was order Monday PM, ship Tuesday, delivery by DPD Wednesday.
  10. Good choice. The copious instructions & after sales support are well worth the extra you'll pay over scrawling the interwebs for all the bits separately. That's what I figured. I'd want the PT100 anyway (rather than the K-type thermocouple) that is bundled with most PID controllers on the bay or Amazon and looking at the cheaper Rex C100s, it is a bit of a lottery on whether they have the right terminals fitted. Then you are into a lottery with SSRs, you could go with RS for what should be a known quantity but then looking at significantly more cost. Then you need to source a
  11. I'm hoping to try and do my Classic at the weekend as well. I've had most of the stuff for doing it for a while now, just not got round to it. Just need to order the PID kit from @MrShades (I was looking at getting the individual parts, but have decided to go the easy route).
  12. Been debating getting the bits to try this myself prior to trying to do a big automation project with an Arduino, but being lazy I've decided I'll just got the kit.
  13. I placed my order on a Monday afternoon, got shipping notification on Tuesday and it arrived Wednesday by DPD.
  14. I think I read elsewhere on here an alternative method for drying out the insulation on the heating elements is to put the top of the boiler in a low temperature oven for a while. I guess you could also put it in a bag with some rice (like is suggested with phones).
  15. My Niche was £509 (£499 plus £10 shipping), I ordered 30 Sept and it arrived by DPD on 2 Oct. As to drops in price, I've seen them typically go 2nd hand for low £400s delivered (so typically saving less than £100), though not that many. I know one lucky guy scored a new one for £325 plus postage off the bay, but I think that is a very rare exception. Although more than I intended to spend, it ticked boxes for me on Single dosing ability, ability to change grind easily and small footprint. The OH has accepted it, which is a bonus.
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