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  1. Many thanks to MediumRoastSteam for the full demo when I picked it up, I really appreciate it! (Terrible) Photo of the Pav in its new home!
  2. Replied! Beans ordered, route planned, I'm excited!
  3. Hi all! In preparation for the arrival of my new (to me) La Pav, I'd like to order from CC. Could someone send me the forum discount code please? Thanks in advance!
  4. I enjoy the Rave cold brew blend, they do say on the packet that cold brew is an excellent way to use stale coffee (?!) but regardless, it tastes good. I put coffee and cold water in an IKEA Carafe with cork lid and leave it 24hrs. Filter using a French press, the carafe has the last of the grinds rinsed out then coffee in the French press is poured back into the carafe and it's kept in the fridge door. IKEA cork lid carafe (1l) is £2.50, or the one with a silicone lid, £3. I've read it'll keep for a couple of weeks, I've always drunk it within a few days though!
  5. I found a few details about the R.E.D Steamer- the thing looks mad! I love it. No idea on how to buy one though. I must admit, I think my efforts with the manual milk frother have been sub-par, I will watch the reccomended videos and have another go with my manual frother! I've agreed to buy @MediumRoastSteam's La Pavoni Professional it'll be a couple of weeks before I get my hands on it, but I'm super excited! Thanks for everyone's advice!
  6. Is this still for sale? Would you consider machine including funnel and tamper for £340? I won't be able to pick up for another couple of weeks; I'll be driving from London towards Bristol on 3rd October so Thatcham not too much of a detour if that works for you. Thanks!
  7. Great info! I think for visiting parents/in-laws at Christmas, this level of portability would be brilliant. Great to hear positive reviews on the Flair finish! You make a convincing argument about learning and modifying parameters. Regarding milk, I've used the French press type, electric whisk and combination heater/whisker things to only moderate success. I've never heard of the R.E.D steamer- a Google search presents very little info, is this a retail unit or a cottage manufacturer or a mod? Disappointing to hear the bellman is slow, I was pricing up getting one to accompany a Flair VS a La Pav. Not many used Flair units seem to come up for sale, I'll keep an eye out on this forum and eBay.
  8. That's really pushing the (gravy) boat out. I should also add, hot water (with or without) a slice of lemon is literally not my cup of tea.
  9. Very much looks like that. Made a pourover with them. Tastes a bit burnt, still better than the cheap instant on offer though. I share coffee beans with work colleagues so the beans will get used quickly without too much complaint. Working on the "problem shared is a problem halved" approach!
  10. I'm at work for a month so can't do that, but I suspect you may be correct...
  11. I got a 1kg bag of Peruvian and a 250g bag of Java which was on offer with a popup discount code. Only just opened the java, very disappointed. I do a better job in my ceramic hob roaster. Peruvian will be opened later in the week.
  12. I do see the popularity from the amount of traffic on this forum, seems like there's nothing a slight step up before getting into machines for silly money..? Practice doesn't worry me too much, though, I'm sure there will be plenty of arguments between myself and the girlfriend before we crack it.. Next argument will be how much kitchen work surface I can take up with an electric grinder! Seems like the Niche zero really does fill a niche for a smallish, quality grinder with low retention. Loving the MBK Feld47 at aeropress and Moka pot grinds compared to the two hario ceramic burr grinders I've used previously but espresso grind might be tedious; on the up side, it should reduce the binge drinking of coffee...! Glad to hear that! Different voltages might be an issue, though? Is removing the lever an involved affair or pretty easy? I've been looking at the Flair and portaspresso for ultimate flexibility, but I think these are just a dream for the time being, drip is a lot more packing size/weight and cost efficient...! I imagine the La Pav (or similar) will be adequate for espresso at home, plus steam function which the two above do not have. That's an excellent question! Probably a maximum of 2 shots in one sitting, I like that the flair comes with an optional additional brew head for this purpose. I don't know what the limits of the La Pav is for multiple shots. Thanks all!
  13. Hi all! I'm finally registering after lurking for a while. I'm a fan of all hot drinks (tea, hot-chocolate, and, obviously, coffee) I travel a fair amount for work and as such, am mostly interested in portability over perfection. Current stable includes an aeropress, french press(s), stovetop Moka pots, V60 dripper. Up until very recently, grinder was Hario Skerton, now replaced with a Made By Knock Feld47 Travel. First espresso machine is on the horizon, I'm inexplicably drawn to the lever machines such as the La pavonis: I think it's the combination of smallish footprint, great intriguing design and manually pulling the shot sounds more romantic than a manky electric motor doing all the work. Anyone have anything bad to say about lever machines before I pull the trigger? Flair espresso machines look quite good too, however, I don't like the naff fake copper finish they use. Any suggestions for other reasonably portable coffee gear appreciated! Thanks!
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