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  1. Ok got it now, I'll give it a go when I'm back home next week, thanks. I appreciate that a stand alone grinder and manual tamping and polishing would give much better control although I have to say that given the cost of this machine I expect it to do a resonable job in this respect. If there are discrepencies after doing as you suggest; I will contact sage with that info to see if they can suggest some adjustment. Thanks again
  2. When I buy the beans they have usually been roasted about 5 days prior and I use them from then to about 21 days although at 21 days I am usually usung the last of them. I haven't adjusted anthing from standard on the machine and really wouldn't know what pressure to try to achieve. I am in Highlands Scotland so a bit far from most; I did have the white glove service but it was mostly aimed at cleaning the machine rather than anything else.
  3. Thanks for that. The dose and tamp are all automatic and all I can say is that it is consistently 21g and it appears evenly and smoothly tamped in the basket. Sorry to appear dim but, can you explain 'Set the grinder to something fairly relaxed then build four pucks that extract at the same speed'
  4. To be honest the coffee tastes fine although I'm no connoisseur and I could just carry on doing what I'm doing but if there is a better extraction to be had then I would like to master that. The coffee is a medium roast and it has usually been roasted about 5 days prior. Is it possible to tell if there is channelling?
  5. I have the Sage Oracle for the past year and I have tried to read everything I can on this form and other web sites in order to get the best from it. To be honest the amount of technical info regarding espresso extraction now has me completely confused. I have taken the basic info from Phil McKnight’s youtube video regarding dialling in the grind and I simply cannot get the same results IE espresso leaving the portafilter between 9 & 14 seconds and producing 30ml of espresso in 25 seconds. In that video it says that simply adjusting the grind to achieve these parameters will
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