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  1. Thanks Mike for sharing your thoughts and dreams with us. You've taken the step some of us wish we could have taken and I for one am sharing your excitement. My one disappointment is that your new venture is not opening in my home town but you never know - in a few years time you may be in a position to expand. Please keep us updated on the completion and probable opening date - I'm going to make the three hour journey and desperately want to be your first paying customer although the family will probably scupper that idea. My advance order is: espresso (probably x 2) followed by a flat white and cake - got to have cake. I'll probably chill out with a latte after that and then a final espresso before heading home. Did I mention cake? See you on opening day. Al
  2. Well hello..... I have to confess it's been ages since I've bashed the keyboard on here so I though I'd bore you with an update. As you may recall I seemed to be stuck in a rut with little progress although adding steamed milk in various quantities produced reasonable results. My kids loved the hot chocolate and the wife adored the steamed milk with a touch of black stuff (probably a quarter of the strength of Latte). I couldn't settle with any espresso and eventually ran out of patience with myself but not before trying well over a dozen different types of beans. So I cleaned and back flushed the Classic and set it aside for a while. In that time I unscrewed the settings on my trusty MC2 a few hundred times and managed a passable French Press consistency which filled my requirement on the caffiene front. Fast forward several weeks and I had the urge for a proper espresso so after a couple of days winding the bloody dial on the MC2 back to the approximate position I set about the process again. It took me a couple of days to get thing sorted but I'm now back to the point where I can get a drinkable espresso. This place is a great library of info and although I've not been posting I've been keeping up to date. In fact I would suggest that this place has kept my interest enough for me to hold on to my equipment and give espresso another chance. Let's see how we do this time eh? Cheers Al
  3. Wait for it..... Hang Gliding Not any more mind you but for over 26 years I managed to be injury free - then I fell off my bike and my life changed. These days it's photography (mainly military aviation) and coffee - yes, at my age I class these as sport Al
  4. Have to confess my best results are with 14g (ground) of whatever beans and little more than the tamper weight in the portafilter. Results do vary though. Dose weight: 14g Temp: Up there Time: 10 seconds to several minutes Output: never more than 2fl oz as it would overflow the glass Consistency: Extremely variable Results: Never the same twice But I'm getting there..... right??? Al
  5. Hi FDC Downloaded the file to computer from your link and it's a file with a Kindle extension so if your iPad can read those then I'm not sure whats happened. If you need to convert the file it's easy enough to access an online convertor (free and it takes seconds) and that gives you several options for different file extensions. I'm reading it now on my Kindle. Thanks Al Edit: just seen you can read Kindle books on your iPad via an Amazon Kindle iPhone eBook app. Be simpler to download the file and do an online conversion to iPad format
  6. Thanks for all the input folks. At the moment the three of us (that's the Classic, MC2 and myself) are involved in a work-up period in which the other two are doing their best to compensate for my shortcomings and to that end I usually end up steaming some milk to throw the more acceptable efforts in rather than down the sink. I confirm I'm a straight espresso/americano sort of chap who leans towards the stronger tasting end of the spectrum, it's just that since I started making my own stuff I can't drink coffee anywhere else other than the precious few places within 50 miles of where I live. The rest of the family like Starbucks for the cakes etc but I find that I'm drinking tea more in there now on the few occasions that we actually cross their threshold. As to the low carb thing - I've done a lot of research in the diabetic forums and it seems the results are impressive, especially in the sleep, energy, joint pain and overall well-being areas. In consultation with my doctor and dietician I start the low(er) carb eating plan on Monday. It's just great to know that I don't have to give up my espresso Thanks again. Al
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    Just tried it. Seems fine. Sent from my HTC Desire HD A9191 using Tapatalk
  8. Did you get the notched version of the VST? If so you can remove the wire from the portafilter and just insert the basket. It should be easily removable after that and can then fit on your small scales (I use a small plastic beaker which weighs 59g - well within the 200g scale limit). May I also remind you that the other thing to do is take out the plastic bit that fits in the bottom of the Gaggia portafilter. Best of luck with your new Classic. Al
  9. One of the main problems for me as I only have one kidney. I drink about 3 litres of water a day just now and I'm still thirsty but I could up it to 4 litres just to be on the safe side. Doc says HBA1C and BG's within range so we'll keep an eye on them and if any change then we revert to normal diet but he doesn't see a problem. Famous last words eh? Al
  10. Thanks for the replies folks. I've seen the 'drinking coffee reduces the chance of type 2' debate but in my case the horse has well and truly bolted - been type 2 for about 8 years. I think I may be safe enough with the 2 or 3 ristrettos I manage to produce daily - I just don't think it's something I can give up........ :) @MWJB - am on four Metformin per day and one Glimepiride. Have a BM kit and monitor every few days at different times for a good cross-section of results but I feel lethargic during the day, don't sleep well at night, get up to pee 3-4 times a night, have really sore joints/muscles/hands etc and have a really dry mouth all the time. I spoke to the doc about this and he suggested a low carb diet - not a complete withdrawal but an average of 50 carbs per meal. Seems to work for other type 2's so I'll give it a go and see if the overall health improves. Thanks for your concern though. Al
  11. OK folks - I'm type 2 diabetic and have started a low carb eating plan. It is said that low carb eating habits do not benefit from drinking coffee which has carbs, albeit not a high amount. I've searched the forums and using search engines has turned up very little so how many carbs does the average espresso or ristretto have? I'm aware that bean type, roasting times and age may affect the numbers but I'm looking for a ballpark figure to get me going. Cheers Al PS - Lusty has gone stale and I'm having to grind much more coarse and stick in milk to drink. Time for more beans methinks.
  12. I get easily confused I've seen on a few other forums that the person who starts a thread can have some text in the profile box to highlight this and wondered if it could be looked at for this site? Sample pic below. Al
  13. I would love some training but I'm not sure it would be cost-effective using any form of transport. I'll wait for MikeHag to do a session in his new cafe and even then it's 250 miles of a round trip. Al
  14. I'm probably the last person to comment on taste and texture but it has sorted out my inconsistent tamping problems. It's easy to see if the grounds are not level in the basket and if it gushes then you've not distributed/tamped right. Great learning tool. Al
  15. Been trying to follow MikeHags advice for the past couple of days. I'm using the HD nekkid PF with supplied basket (I didn't know it was so poo....) and am now getting reasonable results with Lusty Glaze. I still can't venture higher than 14.5g in the basket with my favoured 14g producing 21g in just over 22-23 seconds. I know that's fast but it tastes the best to me so my next move is to dose higher for a longer extraction in an attempt to get a decent cuppa. If I had my way I would drink my espresso in cappo-sized cups - full to the brim. One drawback is having the espresso cool enough to drink but hot enough to avoid the bitter taste from cooling Al PS - stirred in the crema today. It tasted ok but I like the idea of crema before intense liquid.
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