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  1. I've done what I can @russe11 Am a newbie so apologies if I've done something incorrect. My offer was accepted by Vertigo1.
  2. Hi, this is now sold (to me!). Can a moderator please mark as sold? Many thanks John
  3. Thanks Bacms and ashcroc (and the others who've replied on this thread), gaggia classic history has always been a bit of a mystery to me. My mate said just make sure it has the rocker switches so it’s good to have a bit more detail!
  4. Hi Vertigo1 Am interested. Would you take a cheeky offer of £110? I’m about 20 minutes away and can collect tomorrow (Sunday) or most evenings. Let me know, thanks! John
  5. Very envious of the Niche, am looking out for a Super Jolly myself! A few good ideas there for my own shopping list too, thank you.
  6. Ljandal


    Thanks for posting this. I’m in the market for a Gaggia Classic so this is very helpful information!
  7. So is the Romanian one worth having? Is it simply avoid the 2015-2018 Chinese made variants? Sorry for the newbie question!
  8. Been lurking for ages and been off and on with coffee for ages too. >6 months for me. Took the plunge though and joined up!
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