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  1. How generous was that!
  2. I’ll take it. Go to PM?
  3. Silly question, is it adjustable?
  4. It’s what I was recommended when I asked, bought one
  5. 58.4, 58 will leave bits round the side 😉
  6. Can’t recommend Ibis enough but everyone will recommend what they ride
  7. Also try STW, aka Singletrackworld. Not as good as it used to be but may be something on there. Plus one for Pinkbike Not teaching you to suck eggs but factor in for new chain/ring/cassette and pads. Could be tempted to sell my Mojo but it would be slightly too big for you anyway
  8. Some 2015 Classics were built in 2014 so they would have stock for the shelves. Some..
  9. I’ve got one from work so when the pass a round one turns up I’ll be posting it on when work allows. @svefn PM me your address please
  10. It’s gone now but was a 2014 model
  11. I’ve asked before? Old age sucks..
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