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  1. As above, really doesn’t look bad and it’s hidden
  2. They do! It’s very mixed. The decision I came to was that either one would be ok for me but VFM is important.
  3. For levellers? Been really researching this the last week (well all things coffee) and opinion split between leveller or tamper so i’ll just go with the Motta tamper I think
  4. Thanks but want it to be tight as I already have a tamper that’s slightly too small
  5. May well get one of those. Thanks
  6. Lol, as lovely as yours are they are well out of my budget
  7. As per above what have you got please
  8. I looked into it and Lavender will deter the flies, pretty sure not the wasps though
  9. I have two trees in the garden that attract flies, thousands infact but also wasps. Its sap they like apparently but certain trees though
  10. Sorted, picked up a nice 2014 Classic pretty local that looks like it’s been looked after. Will look at it in depth tonight
  11. Can I be added to this? Does GrowlingDog have it?
  12. Any more pictures?
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