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  1. £130 and then going on the bay
  2. Just decided I don’t have the time to invest in making real coffee. In good condition, been back flushed and descaled. OPV set at 10 bar static. Upgraded wand. 3D printed lower drip tray, original included. Spares in the pics included (half box of Puly) Pick up only, Sth Essex, willing to meet within reasonable distance £140
  3. @Wookiee pretty sure I saw 20mm previously in a post so I aimed for that. Cutting straight wasn’t my forte, ended up around 18mm
  4. Bear with me, I’m back on nightshifts now till end of next week
  5. On the Mini there are two flat head screws going down vertically. Will need to dismantle the dosing parts
  6. Both Minis so should be the same? Take a measurement and let me know
  7. Have some on my phone, it’s not for an Electric but guess no different?
  8. I have one, sort some pictures tonight
  9. Sorry, don’t know how I missed this reply. They are the correct burrs. I bought some genuine ones and although to me visually they don’t look much different in a feel test they are obviously blunt! New ones fitted.
  10. @svefn if you get stuck let me know I can pop round with my PF and just use mine while you fiddle with the OPV
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