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  1. My new machine is a Primadonna Avant - ESAM67XY I am having real problems understanding how to make coffee that suits my taste because so little information is given either in the instruction book or online, especially about making white coffee. If anyone can help answer any of the following questions I would be very grateful. What does the Taste Setting (D14) change? I an guessing it changes the amount of coffee that is ground, but nowhere does it tell me this. Long Button (D9): I can't work out the fundamental difference between using the Long button (D9) and changing the Coffee Length (quantity of water) using the cup icons (D15) I can get 120ml using the Extra Long setting and pressing the 1-cup icon (D3) or 125ml (just a teaspoon more) by pressing the Long button (D9). I know the Long setting does a second grind if it is set to deliver 125 ml or more - does that mean you get a double shot of coffee or does it use half the amount of beans for each grind? Producing Two Cups of Coffee: I haven't used the 2-cup setting (D4) yet because I don't know what it does. Does it use twice the amount of beans and twice the amount of water? If it does, does it take twice as long to deliver and, if so, will this not make the coffee bitter? Making Coffee with Milk: Do the Coffee Taste (D14) and Coffee Length (D15) buttons have any effect when making coffee with milk? It would make sense for the Coffee Taste to have an effect but, as I can programme the amount of water and the amount of milk for each button (D8, D9 and D10) how would that work if the Coffee Length (D15) buttons also have an effect?
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