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  1. Do I have an advent calendar? No. Their days are numbered.
  2. -Mac

    Any Gamers?

    I've been playing games since 1974, aged 2. They used to have early arcade machines at Coventry Zoo. Got my first console, a Binatone (think of black and white pong and shooting (with a light gun)), in 1976, followed by a colour Grandstand a year later which added football. Then all thru the 80s was Game & Watches and pocket Nintendos and other LED/LCD types such as Astro Wars, Caveman and Pacman. Got a 48K ZX Spectrum in 1983, followed by an Atari 520STFM in 1987. After that came my Sega Megadrive then Super Nintendo, N64, Gamecube. Started working at Attention To Detail as a game tester
  3. Hola amigo. Where in Spain are you from? I'm hoping to move to Axarquia imminently. How easy or hard is it to get hold of good beans over there? Any recommendation for suppliers in Spain, please? I love my aeropress, for what it's worth.
  4. Don't know where you're based, but if you have a Whole Foods shop near you they usually have a huge range of speciality choc.
  5. Banana! Yes! That's what it is (I don't eat them so have only vague recollection of their taste from banana-flavoured things). Whatever, it's a great bean
  6. It's one of the few things I own that honestly 'sparks joy'. My KTM is another. Shame I'm a hoarder.
  7. Hard to say, my palate probably isn't educated enough to quantify it, but I'd say at least 10% for how I make my coffee (if I had to guess). However, I like the workflow and efficiency/lack of wastage of changing beans that I could entirely justify the decision (to myself) on that. It's a joy to use and I marvel at it every day. It makes me smile whenever I use it, and that's priceless.
  8. My life got significantly better when I stopped using my BE grinder and started using my Niche
  9. It's also why it's good to be a cynic (like me)
  10. I recently tried that and also their Jampit hit (which instantly became a favourite).
  11. If you go on any internet forum and take advice without checking its validity independently, you deserve everything you get. Those who've been on since the beginning of the web know this. Those that don't don't. Natural selection in action.
  12. -Mac

    Wet Shaving

    Yeah, now, but in the early 1980s it was a different time and every advantage was taken, no matter how small.
  13. -Mac

    Wet Shaving

    Some clearly do, or you *are* questioning what I heard.
  14. -Mac

    Wet Shaving

    You're actually questioning what someone said to me? Were you there?
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