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  1. I don't know if you can stop the BE powering itself off, even if you can make it come on. Does it still heat up in standby mode?
  2. I always found 20g to work well (or 19.5g for pre-frozen beans - thanks to John).
  3. But doubles are easier to get right. Most people drink a double espresso or add more hot water for a longer drink.
  4. Can't you use the bigger basket? Single are hard to get right.
  5. Maybe the first version of the BE has slightly bigger baskets? I always read they were 20g.
  6. Jon's confirmed £321. I've asked for a corrected invoice. Sorry for any alarm, but I do like invoices to be correct.
  7. I'll email Jon and report back.
  8. My invoice is showing £321 with the VAT added to bring it to £385. I hope we haven't paid that.
  9. So the £321 is before VAT? First I've heard of that.
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