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  1. I will definitely try freezing, but 10 mins in the fridge did have a significant effect (for me) Don't know if he did it in subsequent years. I was more interested in hearing other people's experiences.
  2. I watched Matt Perger's 2013 WBC finals video the other day and noticed that he had frozen his espresso glasses to change the taste of his shots. I tried putting my glass in the fridge for 10 mins this morning before making my usual double shot. It might be psychosomatic, but I'm pretty sure it made the flavours clearer. Does anyone else do this?
  3. The Saeco Xelsis looks good in Seattle Coffe Gear's video, FWIW, but I've never used one.
  4. Google searching for coffee geek stuff.
  5. Who did you give money to for the warranty? They are the ones responsible for sorting it.
  6. How old are the beans? The older they are, the finer the grind need to be (in my experience). Try 20g on grind number 3 (in the double, non-pressurised basket) and make a video for us?
  7. I wish I'd made it! It was made by a famous pipe carver, Bo Nordh, and is worth ~$20,000 (as a pipe). The wood is erica arborea and starts from under $50 per kilo.
  8. Is nobody using Briar? Works well on pipes.
  9. The Yagua one is not bad for under £20. https://www.bluestarcoffee.eu/espresso-coffee-digital-scale-and-timer-6961-p.asp
  10. Could I have the code, please?
  11. Espresso. Rave's Colombia Corinto Natural. 18g in 45g out (experimenting). Candy floss, raspberry, almond.
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