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  1. -Mac

    Import duty

    I bought a Rolex second hand for £120. Now I just need to save so I can get the rest of the watch.
  2. -Mac

    Timing the shot?

    Yeah, I put it in the drawer on the 2nd day and it's stayed there.
  3. -Mac

    Timing the shot?

    Never been sure about the Razor tool. Surely different beans (even at the same dose) are going to have different volumes in the pf (especially if WDT is used), even if ground in the same grinder on the same setting (thus rendering it less than useful)?
  4. -Mac

    Import duty

    Might be worth a call to the HMRC help line:
  5. -Mac

    Import duty

    What are the goods, *exactly*?
  6. -Mac

    Import duty

    https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff Don't forget you pay VAT on the duty, then again on the sum of the duty and the shipping cost (or you did when I was managing a customs bonded wine warehouse).
  7. -Mac

    Import duty

    Look in the customs tables and see if a) the item(s) is in the right category and b) if you could genuinely get it re-categorised in a table that would attract a lower duty/excise rate. If somebody has been sloppy, it could be costing you more.
  8. Yes, but I didn't say anywhere that you would want to.
  9. I'll start by saying thanks to HVL87 for clarifying the manual button usage on the BE. I don't think we're far apart but you keep crossing your questions and have set up a straw man about the tank running dry. I didn't say anybody should do that. >>60-70g should certainly be possible (with the option to stop anywhere before, that you need to, manually). I agree, but (before I knew about the manual shot control and saying about using the shot buttons) I said you can only get 60-70g out if the shot button is programmed to let 60-70g of water out. The point I was trying to make (that got lost) is that if you're aiming for a 1:2 ratio and you stop the shot at 30 secs (manually) but have 60-70g in the cup, you've not hit your ratio. What do you think about the Matt Perger video re: dose/yield/time? You say the shot time is not a controllable variable, but you can stop a shot any time.
  10. There's no manual mode that pours water through until the tank runs dry. You can only pour (as far as I know) to the upper limit of what is set on one of the shot buttons (hence why if it's been reset to less than 40g, you'll never get more than 40g out). You can stop it manually, yes, but not pour for as long as possible (unless you've programmed it that way). I agree there's no stipulation for 30 secs, and that different beans brew differently, but it's a useful starting point to eliminate one of the variables. Brew ratio is achieved by the amount of water you put through the grinds, to the amount of coffee in the pf, yes? So if you had 20g of coffee in the pf but it was programmed that you could only ever get 40g out, you'd never be able to get weaker than 1:2 (stronger, yes, by stopping earlier), unless you hit the shot button again to pull another 40g of water through (but who would want to do that?). Upshot, you *can* achieve a 40g manual stop, but only if more than 40g of water input is going through in the first place. If you've programmed it so you know that way more than 40g of water is going through (for a one button shot), stopping it at 30 secs is a useful indicator of where you're at.
  11. 1) Might be my misunderstanding, but I don't know what button the 'manual' button you're referring to is. There are 2 buttons to start the pump on a BE, a 1 shot and a 2 shot. 2) If the programming for the buttons is messed up, you may never get 40g worth of water out (it might have been accidentally reprogrammed so that only, for example, 20g of water comes out). 3) If you program the 2 shot button so that 100g of water comes out (through an empty pf), that will always yield >40g of coffee out in 30 secs through grinds (if you don't stop it manually and if the grind isn't choking it horrendously). 4) So, if you're going to get a guaranteed minimum of 40g of coffee out, using a 30 sec manual stop will let you know how close the grind is to a 1:2 ratio in 30 secs (which is a fair starting point and you can adjust from there).
  12. True. But if something's wrong with the programming on the button that's supposed to let unlimited water out, and it's only ever letting out a short amount, you'll never get to 40g. At least by reprogramming it for way more than 40g you'll guarantee that enough water comes out (and you can always stop it manually using 30 secs as a rough guide in the first instance).
  13. >>I adjust the burr one mark finer. With 19g of beans I only got out 31g of coffee. Was that with the double shot button? If so, and if it's still on factory output, you need to make the grind bigger to let more water through. How much water do you get out, on double shot, if you run a shot with no coffee in the pf? I've concluded that it's not really volumetric - it just runs water for a certain amount of time (programmable) and that it will only pour out 60ml (through grinds) if your grind sixe happens to match the grind size they use as the default in the factory. You could try this: program the double shot button to let out 100ml of water (without any coffee in the pf), then when you use grinds (of whatever size), stop it manually when you get to 30 seconds of elapsed time and measure how much coffee you get in the shot glass/cup. From that, you'll be able to calculate if you need to go finer or coarser to achieve 40g out in 30 secs.
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