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  1. -Mac

    Wet Shaving

    I use Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood https://www.tayloroldbondst.co.uk/collections/shaving-creams/products/sandalwood-shaving-cream-bowl-150g
  2. Yes, the chocolate side is not the top. I have a different system for each type of biscuit. Gotta have a system.
  3. That's classified. Why do you want to know?
  4. About 15-20% of the general population is what's known as H.S.P. (a Highly Sensitive Person). Have a look at the work of Dr Elaine Aron if you like. These people have central nervous systems that are slightly more evolved and as a result they're much more sensitive to input stimuli (sound, touch, light, taste, smell, feelings, weather, etc.) I'm one of these HSPs. Even with a well-extracted coffee, it is too inherently bitter for me to enjoy without sugar. I've tried to wean myself off more than several times but no matter how long I go without sugar I just don't enjoy coffee without. Life'
  5. Have you changed beans? Do you know that darker roasts (generally) produce more grinds for the same amount of beans than lighter roasts?
  6. You should try Wild Beer Co's 'Modus Operandi' beer. I think you'd really like it.
  7. Bosch, or Siemens - which is a Posh Bosch.
  8. Thompson Twins - Greatest Hits
  9. The dose will depend on the roast e.g. darker roasts are less dense so you can't get as many grams in the portafilter as you can with a lighter roast that is more dense.
  10. I totally get the arguments for owner choice, pride of ownership, joy of usage, better materials, etc. and I agree - to each his own. I guess what I was meaning was end game performance. Can a DB really do what a much more expensive machine can do in terms of making an equivalent shot?
  11. Very zen OK, I'll rephrase the question: grinders aside, can the mods that one do to a DB really match up to the same features offered by £3-4000 machines?
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