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  1. With my Bambino I use the single cup single wall BE basket every day 9,5 -10,5g. But I did some experiments with the double cup single wall basket as well. I initially tried to go as low as possible on dose (down to 12-14g), but below 16g I had to grind too fine and the taste was bitter and shots difficult to make consistent. Between 17g and 19g the shots were OK as taste, but a bit too strong for me. If you want I can repeat and share video?
  2. If you like the taste, than most probably the grind is right. Have you tried to increase the dose foe 17-18g? The output looks more like 40-45ml. With higher dose you might increase the brew time and get volume around 35-40ml. Just a suggestion...
  3. I'm using exactly the same setup Bambino with BE portafilter (plastic removed) and single wall baskets and have not seen this video before... Thanks for sharing. I see no material difference after removing the plastic part. But its much easier to clean and to avoid use of plastic.
  4. Hi, I have one as well...bought it this summer. I have ordered from Sage - BE portafilter (fits perfect) and single wall baskets. You can see some shots in Video's section. I use it with Eureka Mignon MCI grinder. Small footprint and in total under 700 GBP setup. Excellent for milk preparation - late, cappuccino.
  5. Can you give us more details...basket - single or double, dose weight in and coffee out. Is the shot bitter?
  6. Hi John, I can confirm exactly the same behavior for the Sage Bambino for single wall single dose basket. Using razor - results in wet puck, putting a little more - the puck sticks to the shower screen, level to the top of the single basket and then tamp - dry puck. The problem is that with some local roasted beans - especially if they are fresh, when I fill the basket to the top it takes 11g and the coffee fills too strong. If you can share in such case, what should be better to grind finer and fill less - 10g or stay with the coarser grind 11g dose that produces dry puck, but with clear marks of the shower screen on it? From taste point of view, the first comes with more crema a little over extracted (taste a little bitter) and the second fills balanced less crema and too strong.
  7. In my case it's almost always wet. For heat exchange I believe it's better to be wet or should not matter that much. I have noticed that because the milk in the jug is from the fridge, when you put the milk in the jug short after the jug is wet because of condense.
  8. Hi Paola, I have Sage Bambino for 12 weeks now. I use it for late or cappuccino almost every day. I have noticed, that it's not consistent on the temperature - means sometimes it takes more time to stop and the milk then is overheated. I usually just move the jug over the sensor with few circular moves during the process and then it stops at normal temp. Make sure the jug is over the sensor. When you say it can't stop - is it literally not stopping and you have to stop it manually or it just takes more time to stop? If it doesn't stop at all it looks like sensor fault, but then it's strange that Sage did not introduced an error lights for this fault scenario or a timeout stop. Otherwise I'm happy with the automatic milk frothing of Bambino, but If I had a chance I would return the appliance and buy a machine based on budget and recommendations from the forum. Good luck!
  9. I'm planning to do the coin test, but almost sure It wont get a pass
  10. Thanks to all for the feedback... Now on the dose of 10+ grams in single basket. I started with 8,5g, which is what was left after applying the Razor tool provided. Let remind that PF and the baskets are from Barista Express. With this dose I had to go too much fine on the grind and the coffee taste was bitter and the flow initially was OK and then just drips. The pucks were always wet. Then with lots of experiments I came to dose 10g, and even 10,5g (this is when you level to the top of the basket and then tamp) with grind that was more looking right. At that dose/grind the taste was no acid and not bitter, but nice and rich of aroma (not much of crema) and the flow was good. Still achieving consistency was difficult. The beans are roasted locally (medium) and 3 weeks old. The pucks in that case was good and not wet but in most cases you can see the print of the grouphead shower screen. And yes Sage say the single basket is good to be used from 7 to 10g. Today I'm back on Maromas Orphea and below is my first shot without dial in, just remembering the grinder position. I can make a difference now between the two coffees - Orphea much easier to pull a good shot and better looking flow and crema, the local roasted Brazil Yellow Bourbon Fazenda Rainha is much more difficult to pull a good shot, but better taste and aroma. BTW I was not expecting that it will be that difficult, but I've learned a lot since and was encouraged and supported here, which is really nice! Still long way to go, but I'm in now
  11. More shots... Sage Bambino Plus Single cup single wall basket Eureka Mignon MCI 10g Brazil Yellow Bourbon Fazenda Rainha coffee
  12. In the shot description you have the answers... Yes its too much coffee in the single basket - 10g, instead of 8.5 (that's when you use the Razor tool). The grinder is Eureka Mignon MCI, and the baskets and PF are from Barista Express and not the original pressurized
  13. I know it's strange and was expecting comments in this direction or even no comments ... The reason is the target output - I had to reach between 40-50ml - that's what my wife want to see in the cup, apart from coffee being balanced. So first I dial in the coffee grind with the double cup single wall basket with 17g and 60ml output (1:3.5) until the taste is balanced with nice crema. Then with the same grind size and the single cup basket with above ratio I'm able to get to the 40-50ml output. The taste is still good and balanced - no bitterness nor acidity.
  14. Sage Bambino Plus Single cup single wall basket Eureka Mignon 10g Orphea Maromas coffee
  15. I'm still working on consistency of getting good shots without using the scale (dosing and tamping), but the real challenge is how to teach my wife making coffee on her on. One thing is for sure I will never ever use the double wall baskets with this machine. With regards to coffee beans type (I'm not experienced at all), so far I have managed to dial in Maromas Orphea, which maybe is medium roast? and Davidoff Espresso 57 Intense, which is dark roasted. And yes the late and cappuccino are outstanding.
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