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  1. In my case with the two original Sage Bambino and Barista PFs once in they go easy until the end (6:20?). With this one it goes in with effort and then much harder until 6:30
  2. Yes, it requires significant effort to lock, compared to the other two original Sage Bambino and Barista PFs that I have.
  3. Finally I have received the China made 54mm bottomless PF. Well I'm with mixed fillings, but as usual in life "you get what you pay for". They (in China) really are trying hard to be good, but that's far from Pullman I guess. My first impressions are mixed ... it looks OK as quality, it's heavy and well polished. The original Sage Barista single wall basket fits perfect. It is really difficult to attach the PF to the machine and I'm afraid not to damage it if I start to use that PF on a regular basis - hopefully not. I have posted pictures and there are people in the forum much more qualified to comment. I will do real tests and eventually post video latter on.
  4. "I'm currently trying to get it right with the single unpressurized basket - I use around 10g (also tried 9,11)." I'm using Bambino for my everyday coffee and cappuccino with Sage single dose unpressurized basket. The grinder however is not Sage, but Eureka Mignon MCI, so I can't advice on the grind setting. And yes it took me quite some time and frustration, but I can assure you now Bambino is working fine for me. Depending on the coffee the dose for that basket is between 10.5 and 11.5g., I do not use the razor tool, but just the tamper. I do not use manual preinfusion, and the first drip should be between 7-9 sec. The the total extraction time is between 35-42 sec. and the output volume between 40-50ml. I'm not an expert, but just sharing what works for me. And try to change only one variable at the time. You need a scale to learn to be consistent with the dose in first place. Than you need to have beans that are easy to work with - like Maromas Orphea, then start playing with the grind and look for the first drip between 7-9 sec. Then comes the total extraction time and output volume (use the scale). But not to forget once you manage to get all the above you need to start testing the difference and experiment what you like as taste (again the main variable to play with is the grind, but that's only and after you dialin the new beans). I have shared some videos. Again not pretending that that's the best way, but with Bambino that's what works for me.
  5. AliExpress Standard Shipping Estimated Delivery Time:14-28 Days Will be shipped within (Business days)7 Days Product Amount Shipping Cost Total Amount US $ 44.10 US $ 14.08 US $ 58.18 I have recently received amazon shipment from China and it took a month to deliver. Let's see...
  6. @Apr1985 Thanks for the link! I have just placed an order for my Bambino and will share if it works once I get it. I have ordered the black plastic handle PF. Never used AliExpress before...
  7. I would recommend Eureka Mignon MCI - excellent build quality and form factor. For ~300 GBP its great value for money. That's my current budget setup - Bambino and Mignon MCI - they do pair together nicely. https://www.mobacoffee.de/Eureka-Mignon-Istantaneo-MCI-Timer-Chrom-benutzte-Retoure That's the place I've ordered last summer. It's simple, easy to maintain and reliable small machine.
  8. @Neil1 You wont get a good shot with blade grinder help...The problem with blade is it creates uneven size particulars of coffee and you can't get from that consistent brew of coffee. Instead it's better to buy from a local coffee shop fresh grinded coffee for expresso and make the difference. But that's not the important part. What I have learned here is that you need to invest more in the grinder rather then the machine itself. And as Bambino is classified here as appliance (and it is) then you better invest more into the grinder to make sure you have solved the problem in the mid-long run and make use of the Bambino. It was not easy decision for me to spend another 300 EUR for a grinder, but now I'm fine and doing every morning an expresso lungo for my wife and cappuccino for myself, not using the scale and not measuring time anymore. If I had higher budget, I would go for Niche Zero. I hope it helps
  9. Hi Keith, Neil, I was in your exact situation august last year. Lots of supermarket grind coffee wasted and frenetic research what I'm doing wrong. A month later I was already member of that forum and have bought both non pressurized baskets from Sage and Eureka Mignon grinder (It was difficult decision to double the investment). Now everything is OK and I'm happy with my Bambino. I have posted some videos in the Videos section of the forum. Good luck and don't give-up!
  10. I'm very happy with my Eureka Mignon MCI - very compact, nice looking and solid. Its close to your budget... https://www.mobacoffee.de/Eureka-Mignon-Istantaneo-MCI-Timer-Chrom
  11. I don't have a hole in the rubber disk and the cleaning cycle finish by itself. Of course it only works in direction of filling the drip tray, but finishes before its full. Did that already 3 times as the machine urges me to start cleaning cycle.
  12. With my Bambino I use the single cup single wall BE basket every day 9,5 -10,5g. But I did some experiments with the double cup single wall basket as well. I initially tried to go as low as possible on dose (down to 12-14g), but below 16g I had to grind too fine and the taste was bitter and shots difficult to make consistent. Between 17g and 19g the shots were OK as taste, but a bit too strong for me. If you want I can repeat and share video?
  13. If you like the taste, than most probably the grind is right. Have you tried to increase the dose foe 17-18g? The output looks more like 40-45ml. With higher dose you might increase the brew time and get volume around 35-40ml. Just a suggestion...
  14. I'm using exactly the same setup Bambino with BE portafilter (plastic removed) and single wall baskets and have not seen this video before... Thanks for sharing. I see no material difference after removing the plastic part. But its much easier to clean and to avoid use of plastic.
  15. Hi, I have one as well...bought it this summer. I have ordered from Sage - BE portafilter (fits perfect) and single wall baskets. You can see some shots in Video's section. I use it with Eureka Mignon MCI grinder. Small footprint and in total under 700 GBP setup. Excellent for milk preparation - late, cappuccino.
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