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  1. Describe the tastes and flavours you are getting and it might help us troubleshoot whats going on.
  2. It's all about the Buttery Biscuit Bass!
  3. Done.. [video=youtube_share;JTkH-fZZAWw]
  4. Ok, shot a video and am in the process of producing a soundtrack, I've come up with an interesting concept where each component of the track represents the sounds generated during extraction, ie pre-infusion, pump and pour etc and I'm structuring it to follow the timing in the video. Hell of a challenge but it could be quite cool if it works.
  5. Far too filthy for YouTube Gary! Yeah, why not, I need to start getting a bit more creative with my videos
  6. Here you go guy's, one with a soundtrack. [video=youtube_share;VndNVh8FU2g]
  7. Even more importantly, get up to Aberfeldy for a coffee in Habitat Cafe when they're open
  8. WOW! Oz to Edinburgh, you couldn't have made a more contrasting move if you tried! Hard Core! Welcome to the forum friend.
  9. Tarka Springs = 148 As for my tap water, South West Water are sending me my analysis as we speak. I have test kits for pH, KH, GH, NH3, NH4, NO2, NO3 etc etc but I don't have a TDS meter!
  10. With heat as a catalyst aswell who knows what chemical reactions take place in your boiler and with any reaction there is a bi-product, often in the form of a gas.
  11. Yeah at boiling point but when you heat water to 140c under pressure and then release that pressure, allowing rapid evaporation, other dissolvables may evaporate and become gas aswell and with chlorine in water which is an unstable suspended gas anyway, the tap water steam is likely to contain more adulterants than bottled spring water, my theory is that those adulterants are what would be likely to affect the milk.
  12. I don't know if this phenomena is well documented or not but I noticed yesterday when I changed the tank water in Silvia from my usual filtered tap water to bottled Tarka Springs(which I use for brewed alot but never for espresso), suddenly the milk steamed completely differently, the required stretch was much shorter and the result was noticeably of better quality, velvet had become satin, sweet had become sweeter and the layer of foam on my flat white was thicker but while the milk in the pitcher remained nice and fluid. My tap water is such that usually some sort of sacrifice has to be m
  13. HaHaHaHa!!! Intentional? (Soooo many jokes!)
  14. Well, I have spent a couple of days in the SweetShop now and with about a shots worth left I can say I have explored as many of it's shelves as I can find! My best result has been 18.4g > 29.7g in 31 seconds + pre infusion at 94c, resulting a majorly sweet, true 'SweetShop' experience of Marzipan and Candied Lemon Peel. Given it's components and resultant character in the cup, I'm surprised at how easy it's been to work with! I would happily chomp though another bag if need be but given how good this one has been I'm really looking forward to the next installment.
  15. Stunning! The only thing that slightly puts me off about the Speedster is the gear shift.. I know it's a unique feature and adds character to the machine and I haven't tried one out but for me I would just prefer a paddle. Don't get me wrong, I love the Speedster and It's possibly the best looking machine out there but for me it plays second fiddle to the GS/3. That said, it is sort of like choosing between a Zonda and a GT40, while offering very different characteristics both would be regarded as equals but some will be drawn to one and some the other. Chuffed to bits for you mate anyway
  16. I'm just about to go and have a proper play with the current SweetShop, I had a sneeky taste on day 2 and found Apples, Pears and Plums baked in brown sugar(if you've ever done that?) but quite a bit of roast in the foreground which I'm hoping will have mellowed. It's been 5 days now though and I can't hold back any longer!
  17. Love It! I too love masterchef, cooking programs take the majority stake in my tv menu(excuse the pun)!
  18. Give Dave a call on 01454 228457 and he'll talk it over with you.
  19. I thought it was the thread Mike started about coffee menus and 'pitching' (for want of a better word) specialty coffee to the masses?
  20. Maybe we should set up a forum Syndicate for the Euromillions? We would have to have very very secure rules for if we win though or you end up with people falling out! An equal split among entrants is the easiest way but I recon we should allot say 10% of total winnings(if it's a biggun) to the BACE(thats still £5,000,000 out of a £50,000,000 win, which should be pleanty!)
  21. Me too, hey Mark you know i sent you that message about making a video to send to Mike trying to win him back? Yeah, I might have hinted that it was a possibility over twitter and it didn't fly he is dead set at the moment that he is not coming back. Don't give up hope though. I didn't win the Euromillions this time either and nowhere near as close as you! A 11 24 32 46 48 - 06 09 B 08 41 44 46 50 - 06 09 LD results: 7 20 25 35 41 - 01 09 I'm in for the friday draw aswell though so fingers crossed! PS, Of course you can Mark, w
  22. Enjoy those Extract offerings! Both awesome coffees, the Strongman makes some of the best flat white I have had in a long time especially if you pull the shot for maximum sweetness, killer espresso in it's own right too. As for the Makwa... Prepare for an experience! As a side note though it is a mildly tricky one to get right in the brew, It does let you know if you have it nailed though because it doesn't cool well if you could have got more from it, if it cools well, you got it right!(or at least that was what I found) I had to do it, I couldn't help myself... I am on yet another bag
  23. Yes! This could be the start of something beautiful!
  24. This has become a textbook Thread Hijacking!
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