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  1. Sold to Koahhe. Sorry and thankyou to everybody else who has shown an interest but Koahhe is the first to fully commit.
  2. So about delivery, I know it is very expensive so I'm thinking if somebody buys the whole lot I will offer £10 delivery and I'll pay the rest out of the £650.
  3. Hi there outcast, Yes I would be more than willing to sell Silvia and accessories separately. Where abouts are you based? Keep in touch if you are still interested.
  4. Hi there, with all due respect I don't believe either are a very good comparison, I think £650 is fair, neither of those are offering what I am for that price. As others have said, what I have here is a pretty good deal. As are the other two but I think if they were offering the same package as me they would ask for the same price or higher. Ps, look closer, the PID on that Silvia is much lower spec than mine, the machine hasn't been nearly as well cared for and the fact he only has the one pic tells me he could be hiding something!
  5. Roll up, Roll up! Come on chaps, if you where to buy all of that new it's going to cost between £1200/£1300! I am asking half that and it's basically mint!
  6. Well it's all still up for grabs, John has first dibs but everything has gone a bit quiet for a few days.
  7. Hi John, Yes, with a total weight of around 30kg the best I can find is parcelforce at £35. I hope this will be ok? Kindest regards, Nick
  8. Thanks coffeechap, that was really kind of you to say, much appreciated. Hi Jon, Thankyou for your interest, yes all is included in the sale and would see you pulling shots like a god in no time!
  9. Sorry friend, didn't realise you were actually asking! I'm afraid I won't be selling the accessories separately but I'm glad you are sorted now.
  10. Exactly! I have never tested my extractions with machines to be honest, I have always brewed by senses alone and they've never let me down, not to say I wouldn't love a VST refractometer to play with but I will always brew by taste/flavour rather than numbers.
  11. My V60 in Prufrock the other day basically followed the Matt Perger method(only the pouring kettle was replaced by an UberBoiler and I don't remember my barista stirring like a bandit! It was Mojo'ed and came in right where they where aiming for on paper but at £7.50 I wasn't overly impressed to be honest. That said I have used this method to devastating effect a couple of times in the past but I don't think it offers any room for deviation or error because before I gave up on it, it produced several failings.
  12. Here are a few pics I took this evening, I apologise about the quality and lighting, I had only an iPhone and a crappy lamp. Nothing has been cleaned specially or anything, everything is literally as it is kept day to day. The bits and bobs pictured are everything that I am including in Silvias sale.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I looooove espresso and I thoroughly enjoy playing about with it but brewed really is where it's at for me, I am in love with the science of coffee as you well know and I find brewed has many more challenges and yields far more unexplored territory than Silvia espresso can provide. The perfect brew to me is as good as it gets. I am also very inspired by the fact that after all the Uber-ground, Uber-boilered, VSTed brewed coffee I drank in coffee shops around London, my general standard of brewed coffee at home rogers all of it sideways up the stairs!(please excuse my eno
  14. I guess I realised (without trying to toot my own horn) that my espresso at home isn't miles off some of the best espresso served in the country, so I'm thinking short of spending a vast amount of money on a GS3(for which there will always be room on my bar!!) I have gone as far as I can with it really! Brewed coffee really is my thing anyway!
  15. Hi there Jason, I'm in North Devon, quite near Barnstaple. Where abouts are you?
  16. Yeah it is a shame but I am just focusing on brewed coffee and it doesn't seem fair to keep her really!
  17. Hi All, I have for ages now only been drinking brewed coffee and after drinking espressos in Prufrock, I realised I have taken espresso about as far as I care to really and Silvia has been sat redundant on my bar for ages just looking pretty. So the time has come for her to move on but I thought I'd gauge interest first. She is a V3 and has an Auber PID with Pre-Infusion and Steam Control with Blue display and is in virtually mint condition, I live in just about the softest water area in the country and descaling has revealed basically a sparkly scale free boiler! regular back f
  18. That would be sweet Gaz! Yeah, when I have my feet on the ground a bit(ie have a job) then fo sho I'll definitely be up for a Brum tour!
  19. I was just talking about them! I will do, thanks Glenn.
  20. Heeey! Thanks for the welcome back Glenn! Great to hear everyone's still here, it's really nice to be back, I've missed you guys! I will do, you don't know of anybody else in this area do you?
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