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  1. I also use a wifi plug - surely it is what they were designed for?
  2. I love the PID and I don't think I could go back to my Gaggia's unmodified form. My brewing has become much more consistent.
  3. That was my (nervous) thinking as I fired up the machine this morning, finger hovering to shutdown the machine if the temp was heading towards 150 degrees
  4. Perhaps - from memory it peaked somewhere between 110 and 117 degrees C briefly, before dropping back down and stabilising at 93 degrees C. I will check what the initial peak is later this evening, post auto tune.
  5. Last night I fitted MrShades' PID kit - superb instructions and I even dug out my labelling machine to label up the cables as I went (as well as a few additional cable ties to neaten the cable runs within the coffee machine). It took a few hours but I was taking my time to not make any mistakes (other than ignoring the instruction to run each cable through the mounting box grommet - I blame the late hour of my attempt!). The initial temp overrun (post PID config) freaked me out for a few seconds before I quickly switched it off and decided to go to bed (and I dreamt of possible problems) but it quickly stabilised when I fired it up again this morning (reminding myself that an initial overrun was likely) and I have run the auto tune function this morning. Biggest (yet minor) issue is my wife's annoyance that the box is not in matching stainless steel (!) and so I suspect a rear mount with the ability to read the display on the side may be implemented (she wasn't sold on the ingenious mirror set up). Thanks, Adrian!
  6. Having adjusted the OPV, installed the Rancilio Silvia steam wand and acquired a bottomless portafilter and ice hockey puck to tamp more consistently; a PID controller is the outstanding mod for my Gaggia Classic. PM sent
  7. Really appreciated these tips for removing the dispersion plate on my Gaggia yesterday - off in no time at all and out with the brillo pad to clean it up!
  8. Today I removed the shower screen and the group head to clean up - whilst a clean up was in order (a few photos in my thread in the Introductions section of the forum), the shower screen screw came out easily enough (no power tools required!), as did the group head screws. I was grateful for a tip on the forum to use a long machine screw (same width at the shower screen screw) to push the group head off the machine. I also performed the OPV adjustment (the initial reading maxing out my pressure gauge) and the resulting reduction in pressure has vastly improved my use of the bottomless portafilter (vastly reducing the spluttering).
  9. AndyL, thank you for posting this guide and thank you to those of you who similarly maxed out the pressure gauge and posted about it - my own pressure gauge did exactly the same thing when I adjusted the OPV on my Gaggia this afternoon and finding similar experiences on this thread calmed me down! It took 2 full anti clockwise turns to get my Gaggia down to 9 bar in the end.
  10. Hi all, I signed up a week or so ago, after lurking for a little while. I bought a Gaggia Classic in 2007 for my girlfriend (now wife of almost 9 years - I credit the early generous Christmas present as a key factor in our subsequent marriage!) but, whilst she liked it on display on the kitchen worktop, it proved difficult to get her to move from her coffee filters to the more laborious process of making a proper coffee! For my part, I've resisted anything other than instant coffee for decades; conscious it could be a slippery slope to a costly and time consuming process! However, 12 months ago I decided to give the Gaggia a go but really didn't spend the time to read up how to improve my coffee making technique - until the past few weeks. I need to do better justice to the Hasbean beans I've been buying for the last 9 months. It is a slippery slope as I have bought a bottomless portafilter this week which was very revealing as to my poor tamping technique. So now I have an ice hockey puck as my neat tamping mat (easily hidden on top of my Sage Pro grinder). Despite watching a few videos, tapping the portafilter and trying to create a firm and level puck, my efforts have been somewhat messy..... ....that leads me to today, a glorious bank holiday so I chose to spent an hour or two (a) fitting the Silvia steam wand I also bought last week; (b) removing the shower and group head (hopefully the before and after photos are below - whilst not perfect, the group head cleaned up OK (hesitaitng before buyin the brass group head); and (c) adjusting the OPV. When I measured the factory set pressure it maxxed out my pressure gauge and ultimately it took 2 full turns of the adjuster to get down to ~ 9 bar. Now to try my tamping and bottomless filter again! All of my learning and modifications over the past couple of weeks are due to the helpful advice and members on this board so I just wanted to thank those of you who put in the time to explain how to improve both the machine and (hopefully) my own coffee making technique! I just need to buy a PID controller from MrShades and I suspect I will have run out of excuses for my inconsistent coffee making skills..... Craig EDIT: Just noticed the pipes outside the water reservior in the final photo (featuring the pressure gauge - i didn't run it like that!
  11. Not sized it up but I suspect a 12" bit holder would help in that Doom's day scenario (due to the cut away in the base) - I doubt my Gaggia has seen sufficient use to be too problematic...... (famous last words!)
  12. Thanks and I have a Makita impact driver at hand, if necessary!
  13. Thank you for that advice - I had also bought a replacement group seal from Happy Donkey so I'll strip down and clean up the Gaggia when I also replace the steam wand. Also on the bottomless portafilter learning curve.....
  14. Thanks for posting the clever solution - the underside of our kitchen cabinet is neither as clean or as uncluttered (fluorescent light underneath) but that is definitely a possible approach.
  15. How quickly does it build up? I've been using my Gaggia for 12 months (although it was bought 10 years ago) and it has made on average of 3 coffees a day - what am I going to find behind the shower curtain? I only just placed an order for the Puly Caff and Puly Blindy from Happy Donkey this morning....
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