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  1. Eddie, thanks. I’m sure it will. Extremely pleased to have found this forum. It appears that when i bought my Gaggia and little Hario all those years ago I then proceeded to bury my head in the sand. Only now realising i could have adjusted my little hand grinder years ago ??
  2. Hello John, thanks for the welcome and advice. I’ve owned my Gaggia 6 years now, although its never been consistently used due to how aye work, it certainly gets used when i’m home. When I bought the machine i found as many others have on here that the perfect crema setup was no use and quickly ordered a replacment double basket. It seems i just lost touch of my quest to make good coffee (mainly due to long trips away) now i’ve found this forum I can rekindle that desire and put the machine right. Got a full Oring kit and Rancilio steam wand ordered for a start. Will be home next weekend to give some much needed TLC to my little machine and hopefully prepare some quality coffees. Been reading several threads about tests etc to perform. Will keep you posted. cheers, James.
  3. Cannot thank you enough. An invaluable post to put me on the right path with my Gaggia. Excellent ??
  4. Thanks for the very informative post. I’ve just joined the forum yesterday and already my knowledge in coffee has dramatically increased. I must confess, i’ve owned a classic since 2013 and clearly been doing things wrong. Judging by a lot of Gaggia related posts a full service and descale’s immediately required an OPV adjustment, a steam wand upgrade and £££ grinder to add too. Better get moving ?
  5. Thanks for the welcome. What machine do you use? I started reading a thread about some terminology related to using grinders. Bit mind blowing really how technical it all got. Dissasembling machines to scoop out every last coffee grinding for weighing prior to use. Seems this is a very fine art ?
  6. Good day to you folks. As the title suggests I'm a new member. Joined after realising the inifite wisdom in Coffee this forum holds. Funnily enough i was only looking for some rubber feet for my neglected Gaggia Classic and came across the forum. My my, have I been doing things wrong. Loads to learn it’s clear. Better get started. Thanks ?
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