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  1. Not bought one yet - thinking maybe a Niche or Atom. Will be making a mixture of espresso and milk drinks, and being an ex-barista (it's been a while!) I'm very interested in all the new tweaks and techniques everyone is using. On the Rocket specifically - might plumb it in at some point but in the meantime am I right in saying pre-infusion doesn't actually function unless you have mains pressure? Is that right? I'll certainly have more questions when I get set up. EM
  2. Hey Rocket owners! I've just bought an R58 and am looking for any advice you guys have on getting set up, performance tweaks or tools I could do with purchasing to make my experience better. I've got the basics - tamper (got a second hand Espro), jug, scales etc. Thanks team! EM
  3. Makes sense ? If anyone else has any experience do reach out, thanks!
  4. @coffeechap Did you ever (or anyone else) get their hands on one? Considering getting one but worried about what to do if it breaks or where to source new burrs. Does anyone know more or have one? Thanks! EM
  5. Looking for sub-£1200, maybe a hundred more. Would be happy with second hand if it could get me something like that though! I really don't know what to expect from second hand grinder prices. I'm starting to think a couple of grams retention from the Eureka Atom 75E might be my best bet. I drink both espresso and mainly flat whites, my fiancé likes lattes. I've mostly drunk lighter coffees but as I've not been a barista for about 7 years I'm looking to explore what's changed in that time. I'd love a used Versalab, any advice on sourcing one? I've struggled so far as I don't really know where to look. Cheers!
  6. Morning all, First-time poster, long-time reader here. Would love some advice on the Hedone Honne from owners, as I am thinking of buying one. I've read older threads about it but wondered how the grinder landscape had changed since. I'm actually looking for a zero/low-retention grinder, sub-£1500, and the Honne seems like the only choice of its ilk. Appreciate the Niche is well within that range but am looking for flat burr options possibly. My questions to Honne owners would be: How have you found reliability? Have you had it serviced in the UK or had to send it back? Have you replaced the burrs? Are they readily available online? Are you satisfied with the workflow (do you have a dosing chute, I've read it only takes 8g at a time, does the portafilter holder work well) Beyond that, can anyone recommend any other single-dose, low retention grinders in my price range? I'd like to use it for home use, switching beans frequently. Thanks! EM
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