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  1. So I haven't read anything but the first post within this thread but in said post someone mentioned a Lumix GX800... I've got one of those I'm thinking of selling (I mean I'm not actively thinking about it but I've got one lying around that isn't getting any use, so may as well...) - is there any interest on here at all? If so, I'll post something separately in the for sale forum but didn't think a coffee forum was the right place for it until I came across this thread.
  2. No worries. Just said yes to a Barista Express 😁
  3. Thanks to everyone for their feedback on what to buy and apologies for completely ignoring it... whoops! 😂 Figured at this price point I couldn't really say no and I'm sure it'll do us for a while and I guess we can always upgrade further down the line... however, with a toddler I'm not sure how much time I'll actually have to worry about upgrading anytime soon... we shall see. Thanks very much for everyone's help anyway, really appreciate it. I'm sure I'll be back soon to figure out how to use the beast
  4. Just quoting your message in case you haven't seen the last replies... are you still selling your Barista Express?
  5. Thanks for the heads up - have messaged her about the DTP. Is she posting the grinder for you? EDIT: And is she replying to your questions (if any) re condition etc.?
  6. Sorry to be blonde but are we saying that Parcelforce or the seller would or wouldn't accept liability for any damages? I'd love to hear some thoughts of more seasoned members on here - is this something you would recommend buying for a newbie? I've previously been advised on here that it'd be better to get a good second hand grinder and something like a Gaggia Classic but that was in comparison to the full price Barista Express... Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks, Inga
  7. Hiya, think I’m interested in this but as new to this coffee malarkey... what does the naked PF thing mean? Does that mean I’ll need to buy something else to make it work or was the other thing just an upgrade? Am I right in thinking the machine isn’t under warranty anymore? And could you find out the cost for a courier to TR1 2DA please?
  8. Yes definitely looking at doing some training... I used to work as a barista for little while but that was over 12 years ago now, so a little reminder will be great. Have been looking at Mount Zion and Origin also do classes which sound pretty good. Where do I start with scales, tampers etc? It's such a minefield!
  9. Nevermind. Thanks for getting back to me anyway! 👍
  10. No worries. Don't suppose you're holidaying in sunny Cornwall at all this summer? God loves a trier...
  11. Is this still available? And would you consider posting the machine?
  12. Is there any way of getting this down to Cornwall?
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