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  1. Beware, a slight physics lesson is coming!! The steam nozzle introduces air when the tip is very close to the surface because the escaping steam creates a negative pressure which induces air into the milk. Nozzle too high and you get spits and massive air bubbles, too low and it doesn't pull in the air. Lesson over.
  2. @EmilyI understand your frustration. As a rank amateur I am making 4 maybe 6 coffees a day whereas the pros are making 30 an hour. Some of the best advice I heard about frothing is to froth (i.e. admit air into the milk) for 3 seconds if you want a latte, 4 seconds for a flat white and 5 for a cappuccino. The rest of the time keep the nozzle embedded in the milk to create a swirl and dissipate all those air bubbles you created during frothing. For latter and flat the texture should look like wet paint. Works well for me.
  3. I sorted mine with a little help from some Blu Tack between the gears and the buttons. It works, in that when I rotate the top the needles spin. I love the fact that a device with an epicyclic gearbox is included but I cannot fathom what the benefit is that a couple of taps on the worktop won't deliver followed by tamping.
  4. I have the Double Boiler, bought in August 2019. Had Coffee Classics in to sort an issue with the steam LED which was traced to a leaking connection on the steam boiler. Second visit was to repair a dripping steam valve. Not sure whether Coffee Classics extend their service to Ireland. Sage should be able to advise. Look here http://www.coffeeclassicsservicing.co.uk/
  5. On the flip side my experience with Sage support has been excellent. On the 2 occasions I have had to get in touch my email to them was answered swiftly asking for proof of purchase and a photo of the fault. Once Sage had approved a repair I got a call from Coffee Classics within an hour and appointment were booked for repairs in my house. Impressive.
  6. I'm now printing the second of these. First one has very sloppy gears and buttons which fall out into the basket when lifting the device off the portafilter. At the moment I think I prefer the "conker with pins" method.
  7. There are some who suggest practising with water into which a drop of detergent has been added. This gets you used to foaming without the expense of chucking gallons of milk or other substance away.
  8. I had not seen that one. There are some positive comments from folks who have printed it and it seems to work so my suggestion is to go with it.
  9. @Myleslet’s get the design resolved to make sure it actually fits and works then we can discuss costs.
  10. Alex, apologies. I’ve fallen into the trap that as an engineer I assume others understand what is in my head. The drawing is a cross section of the profile of the funnel if you were to look end on at the funnel. Look at it in conjunction with the previous photo and you will see the similarity between the section and the end of the funnel.
  11. Guys, Here is the sketch of the funnel profile. Could one of you confirm (or make changes to) the critical dimensions such as height of funnel above basket and then I will go into print and send one out for customer testing. Thanks.
  12. @AshH357 I have developed 2 models. 1 for the 54mm portafilter and one for the 58mm. My Sage DB has the 58mm version so I know it works on my Sage Grinder Pro. The 54mm version is rejigged from the 58mm and as I do not possess a Sage Express or Barista Pro rely on "customer" feedback. So far it seems I have failed to get dimensions correct for these 2 machines although with a bit of tweaking I am sure we could collectively come up with a funnel that fits and works. I'm not a fan of those with skinny vertical legs as the legs break easily. I printed this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thi
  13. Guys, After doing some research I find the Sage Barista Pro and Barista Express both use 54mm portafilter whereas my Double Boiler machine has a 58mm portafilter. I have therefore redesigned the partial funnel I made for my 58mm to fit a 54mm. Sorry @alex13p, @Myles and @Slim5hadybut the one I sent you might not fit your machines.
  14. @alex13pand @Myles PM me with your address and your colour preference and I’ll pop one in the post.
  15. @Slim5hady Sure. Send me a PM with your address and I’ll pop one in the post. Do you have a colour preference? I can do blue, red, whIte, black, orange, marble, grey, silver.
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