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  1. Sadly my latte glasses don’t fit under the filter. Hence the need for a shot glass which also allows me to check on volume. It’s not wrong, it’s my way.
  2. Yes please. Will you accept PayPal gift? Please PM me with details and I’ll arrange payment. Thanks.
  3. I bought one from them in September. Came with 4 wine glasses so doubly pleased. As already said, register with Sage to get extended guarantee and free water filters for 3 months.
  4. I personally think it’s a bad idea to run any grinder “dry” without beans. I don’t like the sound yours is making and you are on the high teen settings. Sounds like the top burr is far too close. I run mine at 12 - 14 depending on the beans and get good espresso results.
  5. Mark-Sdb, it’s an M5 countersunk set screw 15 mm long.
  6. I’m not questioning your ability to provide us with your own web address but Mr. Google couldn’t find it.
  7. I prefer Rude Health Barista to Oatly although list price is £2.50 per litre. Look out for deals. Sainsbos recently had RH Barista on offer at £1.80. Came away with 12 litres.
  8. I found the tamper supplied with the Sage DB to be slightly small on diameter as it leaves a rim around the puck. I turned up a new tamper and made it 58.7 mm diameter. This leaves a sharp, crisp puck on the double basket.
  9. It suggests to me that Coffee Classics did not think it worthwhile dealing with domestic machines until they found the Sage DB.
  10. I’ve had the Sage DB for a couple of weeks and it fits my requirements perfectly. From cold it’s ready to brew in 3 minutes although the cup warmer won’t have done its job as it relies on radiant heat from the boilers. I find the shot timer much more reliable and easier to use than the volumetric option. Just had the White Glove visit and apparently the Sage DB is the only domestic machine they look at, all the others are commercial. That says a lot. Currently the machine is £699 from eCookShop.
  11. Over the past xx years I have had a variety of coffee machines culminating in a Fracino Piccino. I bought this about 7 years ago from a newly married couple who had been given it as a wedding present by an employee of Fracino. Unfortunately he had not done his homework as they didn't drink coffee. What a shame. I've had to carry out a few repairs over time - 3 new boiler connections, descale, 'O' rings on the steaming valve - nothing major. However decided to upgrade to a Sage Dual Boiler Black Sesame, currently on offer at eCookShop at £699. What a machine. I had read reviews, company websites, YouTube videos etc so was convinced it would be a nice piece of work and boy I was not disappointed. I am so impressed with the thinking behind the design. Functionality, cable storage, water filling, tool storage, mobility - its all there. And it makes a superb coffee. I just need to polish up my latte art skills, (well develop some really).
  12. I had this on a fairly regular basis. Turns out there was very slight corrosion on the contacts under the water tank. I removed the tank, polished the contacts with a fibre glass brush and all is well.
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