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  1. When I’ve had too much caffeine, this is exactly what I do (but my art is not nearly as stellar)!😋
  2. I noticed you mentioned having the Robot, Flair & L1. While recognizing the three are very different from each other in design & use & cleanup, I am interested in knowing if you find any differences in the flavour & mouthfeel of the espresso from the L1 compared to the fully manual levers? Do you get a better shot from the fully controllable manual levers than you do from the L1? (I find the temperature & preinfusion pressure on the L1 are somewhat controllable, but only to a point. My suspicion would be that the fully manual gives more control & therefore potentially a more customized output?)
  3. Have you got a “Flooding Be Dammed” bar towel up your sleeve? I think that sentiment would work for a couple of posters right now!🙏
  4. X-rated! (well, I give up, it went down the predictable path despite my attempts to derail it!🤣😂)
  5. Typed X (Madam X), but that’s going to make it too predictable, so I’ve deleted it!😉 Carry on!🤣
  6. Good reading in those original posts👍
  7. True confessions while I’m here: I drink my shot before attending to the clean up, and sometimes I get sidetracked, leaving the used portafilter sitting with a spent puck in the group... baking away for a half hour.😬😢
  8. When leaving the londinium on all day, do you leave the pf & basket idling the day away in the group, or not? (Seals affected negatively by this?)
  9. Slayer (an appropriate double entendre for this group🤣)
  10. @MildredM Just don’t go sliding an ek43 in there, while Palomina is making her way to your place! Oh heavens, forget I said that! Perish the thought! 🤭🤫😉
  11. Oh my! I’ll go tell her right this minute! She’ll be so pleased!🤗🤗🤗 ps she has the added feature of playing any & all musical requests. (Bet you can’t do that, can you, Big Brother Max?😀)
  12. Big Max’s baby sister “Palomina” is asking where she fits into all this. She’s not red, Mildred! But she’s definitely envious of her older siblings, and a bit insulted she wasn’t included in the family photo.😢
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