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  1. Deidre


    Did you get a couple of drops forming on the screen with a 3 to 5 second preinfusion, or did you base it on the time alone, and not worry if any coffee sweat showed through the screen?🤔
  2. Deidre


    I currently dose 15.70 grams (medium to medium-dark beans) & get ~25 grams out (less volume out with my longer preinfusions). Will play around some more with all your helpful insights, and thank you.🙏
  3. Deidre


    Reiss could not have imagined when he designed the L1, he would have such stubborn & quirky clients!🤣 I will follow your steps for the next round of shots, thank you. I will be over-the-top generous with the amount of water I run out between shots, to see if that conquers it. I can’t pull any water out right now as the L1 has quit completely. Once it stalls, it just stops dead in it’s tracks, and then I have to turn it off for a couple of hours, before it will kick in again & run. This part baffles me, too: why the air blockage seems to disappear when the machine is left “off” for a couple of hours?🤔
  4. Deidre


    I’ve found my shots to be very consistent, but this technique is definitely quirky & less straight-forward.🤣 The one big drawback though remains. I haven’t found a way to clear all the air out, not in the way that I can bleed the hot-water rads in my home.🤷‍♀️🤔
  5. Deidre


    I presumed I would be getting a gentle pressure preinfusion with the lever down, followed by a slight increase in preinfusion pressure when I hold it at the catch point. Is there not a bit more pressure when the lever moves upward? (Have I got that backwards?)
  6. Deidre


    Thank you @dfk41, @The Systemic Kid & @Stevebee for replying. Helps to get a better understanding of this, and I very much appreciate your knowledge & advice.🙏 Yes, gulp, I do preinfuse longer than most 🙈... and my timing is determined by the degree of coffee sweat I can see on the screen, but that can take ~20 seconds. I have played with preinfusing with the lever down and with it up. I get the sweetest, best tasting, shots with a finer grind & a longer preinfusion, & long enough to completely saturate the puck. (No bitterness.) L1 directions leave the lever down for 3 to 6 seconds, release & pull the shot. In my case, the puck is not fully saturated when the lever is down for 10 or even 15 seconds; visually it appears to be only partially wet, in that the screen is darkening just a bit with coffee from behind, but no sweat shows on the face of the screen; whereas, if I let the lever stay down for a short 3 or 4 seconds, then slowly raise the lever until I just reach the catch point, an even sweat starts to break across the screen, and then I wait until thick droplets form, then release, the shot really is divine. (I have tried grinding at coarser settings, but the shot is not as good.) And, if I release the lever before the sweat starts to form a thick droplet or two, I also don’t feel the shot is as good. As an experiment, I left a used coffee puck in the portafilter after pulling a shot, and then tried pulling numerous shots with it, one right after the other (used puck left in there), preinfusing for 3 or 6 seconds in the lever down position, and releasing fully. No stalls, no machine stopping dead in its tracks. So, these long preinfusions of mine (esp. with lever in upper catch position) definitely mess up the system with air, and then the L1 stops dead. I can’t figure out how to get rid of that air, fully, in between my shots. Perhaps there is no workable way to do so? 🤔 I have tried getting rid of the air by running the hot water tap, releasing steam from the wand, flushing the grouphead, tried a quick flush, and also a long full pull flush. (The one thing I haven’t tried is pulling a second shot into the just used portafilter—maybe a second pull after the shot would release air, before unlocking??🤷‍♀️) And, what happens to that air bubble while the machine is off for a couple of hours? Does it just shift out of the way temporarily to a place in the boiler where it doesn’t cause trouble, or has it completely dissipated during the cool down of the machine when it is turned off? I had also wondered if the heat build up accumulated in the machine, when it is on & sitting idle for several hours, could be a factor?🤔
  7. Deidre


    @The Systemic Kid I am one who plays around with fairly lengthy preinfusions. However, when doing long preinfusions with the lever at the upper catch point, my L1 not only stalls after a couple of shots, it refuses to continue. (If I leave it off for a couple of hours, it resumes filling the boiler & functioning again.) Strangely, this dead-in-the water stall does not happen if I preinfuse with the lever fully down, only if I preinfuse for 20 to 30 seconds at the upper catch point. Does that make any sense, that it only stalls if preinfusing at the upper catch point, and not at all if the preinfusion is done with lever down? Seems odd to me, so I am looking for a clearer understanding of the how & why. You also mentioned that to clear air from the system requires running water from both the group and the hot water tap... the grouphead alone isn’t sufficient to clear all the air from the system? Why is that? I’m always seeking to get a better understanding of the system, but I do admit to sounding like a toddler with too many “whys”.😉 ( I perform a cleaning flush after each & every shot.)
  8. ....and, to that, I’d add a mini light on the drip tray, facing the mirror.😉
  9. I really like NotNeutral cups, and Inker cups, as well as Acme... ☺️🤷‍♀️ For assessing flavour in the espresso, a really good quality glass espresso cup (not a shot glass!!!) is an experience not to be missed (truly), but for everyday drinking, my go to is a thick walled porcelain for the feel & comfort in the hand. I agree about the ridiculously tiny handles on some round-shaped Inker cups (I think they intend for us to pinch the handle rather than put our fingers in it,🤔 which works, but it is unusual😉)... whereas my older Inker tulip-shaped cups have normal sized handles. ACF make nice cups if you like the thicker porcelain (ACF has the thickest wall of the ones I have); Ancap espresso cups are lovely; and I’ve found some of the cups hailing from eastern europe tend to use a more traditional & thicker porcelain, and they can often be found at bargain prices. I am suspicious that even when buying the same brand, the thickness changes depending on when they are made. I have an older Acme cup that is much thicker than my more recent one.🤔🤷‍♀️ There are no guarantees in this life!😉🤣☕️
  10. Thanks, but no, it doesn’t seem to be the probe (checked this early on). But some hindrance is occasionally blocking the normal flow from tank to pump to boiler. I suspect air in the water line or boiler is involved (and perhaps because I experiment with some unusual preinfusion approaches with the lever in various positions🤔), but I really don’t know for certain. It only happens on days when I pull more than 3 or 4 shots over the course of a day, and during the day, the tank, pump & boiler navigate each other perfectly. When it does happen, I simply turn off the machine for an hour or so & that solves the hiccup or whatever it is. The machine consistently behaves beautifully, after it has had a short rest in the “off” position, with no intervention. Strange. 🤷‍♀️🤔
  11. And the wooden counter it is sitting on has a beautiful patina!🥰 (Caedo custom bar towel in the works, MM?🤔😉)
  12. I’d agree with the preinfusion variable; I get much thicker shots when I slowly saturate the puck before the actual pull.
  13. Can an airlock in the boiler also cause the pump to be unable to top up the boiler? Occasionally (and only after a number of shots have been pulled over the course of a day), instead of the pump automatically kicking in & topping up the boiler, it fails to engage; when this happens I turn the machine off, let it sit for 1 or 2 hours, and then turn it back on, and all is well again... it starts up & fills the boiler no problem. Is this also the behaviour of an airlock?
  14. @Mrboots2u I have read some people open the steam wand prior to turning machine on in the morning, to remove any air that might have accumulated (closing it again once dry steam is apparent). Is this a good practice to follow with my older Londinium?
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