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  1. Hmmm... how things look here? Well.... a long night lies ahead, calling for comforting caffeine.... and I had some coffee beans a bit past their prime... so the siblings of these little seeds went into the grinder along with the beans... the lovely aroma & subtle flavour of cardamon mixed beautifully in my flat white.☕️?
  2. This is a terrific invention!?? ? (And, I hope one of you lucky folks will make a video showing it in use! ?☺️)
  3. Deidre


    Can there be serious contamination if this happens (at home, I mean, not commercially), and if you brushed/wipe the roasted beans really well? Is it really that unsafe to consume them once they’ve mixed with green beans?? (I am asking because I honestly don’t know anything about this, not being snarky here ...and I am curious about what sort of contamination might be the risk.?)
  4. I’ll have to explore this more... don’t know if our bike “nut” here has ever used or knows about tubeless tires!? ?
  5. She’s old-school classic in her style & wardrobe; no leather or canvas barista aprons for her! lol ... think the Queen! ?? She has always worn the old-fashioned waist-high, tie-behind-your-back, aprons (btw, she made her own aprons out of a patterned terry towel)!?
  6. I’ve not seen these before.? What are these for? We have a nutty addicted cyclist in our family who might be interested??‍♀️?☺️
  7. My 95 year old mother has been using a plastic Melitta for years... and she makes a great cup (has used freshly ground, locally roasted beans for 50 years)... she was doing all the “new-age” bloom & preinfusion stuff long before the new agers were born!???
  8. Deidre


    on second thought, my grandkids would love this job! And the plus is, they have very tiny fingers... great sorters!?
  9. Deidre


    Oh my, oh my, oh my!??‍♀️???
  10. Professor ? (Professor Plum, with the Candlestick, in the Study☺️)
  11. In the midst of comparing both approaches, I’ve also started leaving the milk jug to do it’s own thing... hands free... just the spout sitting in so that it just kisses the milk... best microfoam I’ve ever achieved, nary a bubble to be seen! Look Ma, no hands! ?? Who knew?!???‍♀️???
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