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  1. The one I linked is a fixed at 9 bar and not adjustable, I had to contact the seller to ask and they changed the item description to note that it is not adjustable so I had to cancel my order, I think I will hold on buying an adjustable valve and I will cut a bit more of my spring. Cheers.
  2. @L&R I see, I just placed an order for an adjustable valve to play with the pressure and decide what works best for me (thanks @nunu1 for the blog post), cheers.
  3. @L&R this topic seems controversial: https://www.home-barista.com/espresso-machines/why-difference-in-pressure-between-blind-filter-and-brewing-t10807.html
  4. aren't we aiming for 10bar static pressure ? explain more please.
  5. another option is to shorten the spring inside the OPV until you achieve the pressure you want, here's my thread about it
  6. @L&R I've followed the linked instructions and shortened the spring and it went as expected, way better tasting shots/lattes! The hardest part was actually unscrewing the spout from the portafilter ! I saw people using vises to unscrew it, I did it with a small spanner and some hot water and freezer time, I'm not sure if the freezing helped, but I think the hot water did, took me two days to unscrew ?, it was a magnificent moment! Check out my video for before and after the adjustment, and pay attention to my faulty gauge as it floats above zero (around ~1bar) even if there's no pressure applied, I was shooting for 10bars, You think I'm golden ? https://youtu.be/ElKF503rSYM Thank you for your help.
  7. Awesome news! how come no one here mentioned this solution! I'm just waiting for my pressure gauge to arrive so I can start cutting down some rings! one more question, are these spring can be bought separately if I mess mine up ? or maybe if I decide to have multiple springs to switch between multiple pressure settings
  8. Hello Two months ago I got my first espresso machine and it is the Gaggia Classic 2019 RI9480/11, And it was a let down for me to know that there's no way to lower the factory default bar pressure of ~14 bars, Then I stumbled upon this Bulgarian fellow showing how he managed to lower the bar pressure by shortening a spring inside of the OPV, and he explained it very well with pictures and videos here: https://coffeeforums.bg/viewtopic.php?t=97 I googled around for someone else who has tried the same solution and I couldn't find any, even here, so I wanted to ask before trying it myself, because it is irreversible. I don't speak Bulgarian and I used google translator, but it failed to translate the whole page since it includes some weird HTML tags (I suppose) so here's a rough translation of the post (refer to the original post for pictures + videos)
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