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  1. Hi All, forgive me if this is posted in the wrong area! As soon as the machine is powered on, there is continuous leaking coming from the safety release valve. If I turn on the machine and pull the pour lever, small amounts of water start coming through the group head but still leaks on top of the main boiler. Machine only has 2 months of usage! (not descaled yet which I know is bad, not sure if this is the culprit?) Not sure where to go from here, I'm in Devon and am happy to recieve any recommendations from pro's who might be able to help. I unfortunately bought this from a company who don't provide service help if the things go awry (my mistake for not going with a reliable re-seller). See below video for context - I've unscrewed the part that's spitting, off the boiler, and applied some goo to stop leakage but this still happens immediately when switching it on! I have reseated every contact/cable imaginable inside, the only thing I can't seem to do is check the fuse in the plug because it's completely encased and doesn't have a bit to plop off to swap the fuse.
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