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  1. For now the machine is working again. The guy from ECM is quite confident it was indeed a failing expansion valve. I will keep the old control box, just in case that starts to falter in a few years. Case closed.
  2. ECM replied and insisted on the same "bubbles returning to water tank" observation test. I did the test a few times and there are no more bubbles (after a few cycles). Since then the pump works fine. Maybe I was a bit to premature to assume that the replacement didn't help. Fingers crossed it is not a one-off. I'm enjoying a doppio while I write this, and I will keep testing (and not waste good coffee). @Nikko It is type A, with a water tank, not connected to water supply. The pump seems to stall, in which case I can hear a humming sound comming from the pump, not the usual vibrating sound. As a side note: the nut which fastenes the flexibel hose leading out of the pump has always been banging against one of the copper pipes. A bit of tape made the machine so much quieter.
  3. @MediumRoastSteam I have taken it to 2 repair shops. The first being the store where I bought the machine. They no longer sell ECM, although they are willing to take a look at it again (couldn't find the problem the first time). The second shop, more or less the same story. And BOTH tried to sell me a new machine giving me peanuts for this 2y 'broken' Mechanika. The problem is that it might work once or twice. So whatever they do, they'll consider it fixed, untill I get home and expect a nice espresso. I'm glad ECM germany responded while they clearly state that they don't diagnose problems via e-mail. I have contacted them again. Wait and see. @ajohn The solenoid valve: https://www.elektros.it/gb/en/ECM_spare_parts/ecm_2_ways_solenoid_valve_c199900275.html No idea what it's function is. I have all the numbers if you like: P G 1/8; DN2.3mm; 18.0 bar AC; 21JN1R0V23. Oh, if anyone needs a working second hand gicar control box or expansion valve...
  4. The part didn't change anything. Another 50€ down the drain! I'm getting desperate.
  5. ECM responded, for anyone with a similar problem. I have not replaced it yet. "After checking the problems you describe, we are sorry to inform you that these issues are most likely caused by the expansion valve. If there are air bubbles in the silicon hose coming out of the expansion valve to the water tank when the group head is activated and you use a blind filter, the valve needs to be changed as there is then air in the machine’s system. Therefore, we recommend to exchange article no. P7000 (expansion valve)."
  6. I'm so sorry I did not get back to this forum. I did read up on replacing the relay and it seemed like a PITA. So I replaced the complete control box myself. It did nothing to solve the problem! Some more information, which I sent to ECM directly. - water level sensor is working (orange light is on) - switch behind lever cam is working - pump is getting 230V when turned on, also during the issue. SO the relay must be working correctly. - disconnected the pump and applied 230V, in itself it is working and pumping water - when the pressure drops, the pump is still making a humming sound, but the water is not flowing. As if something is blocking it. - after the problem occurs; turning the machine off and on or repeatedly putting the lever down/up does not help. Water is not pumped. - after a long period of cooldown (next day), everything works back as normal 90% of the time - when using the machine a few hours later (not completely cold) it works maybe 50% of the time; even if it worked earlier that day. - solenoïde valve is receiving 3.5V, whatever that means - the machine had a complete maintenance and descaling a few weeks ago - descaling and cleaning doesn't impact the rate of failure - the problem is slowly getting worse. Earlier this year maybe once every few weeks, now it's almost every day. I'm from Belgium.
  7. My 2-year old mechanika IV water pump (from reservoir) fails from time to time. Either during coffee making, before or after, pressure drops to 0-2 and water no longer flows. It has been in service 2 times now and they do not find the cause because they cannot reproduce the problem. Everything points to a faulty relay or something else in the control box, so I want to replace the unit (quote for 350€ installed!). It is coded Gicar M2004, which I cannot find online. I do find and G02. Newer Are these newer versions of the same unit? Any advice?
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