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  1. After having spent a week with my grinder I have a few comments on their quality control, which needs to improve a bit for product in this price range: 1. The wood is very rough to the touch at several spots and needs sanding + oiling. I know this can happen if it dries out during transport/storage, but since the machine was produced not that long ago it should not be the case. 2. One of the wooden feet is loose and spins around. Upon closer examination, it seems to have been carved out more aggressively than the other feet, resulting in a gap between the grinder casing and the wood. 3. There is a ~1 cm blemish on the bezel. Looks like dried paint residue. I have not been able to remove it, its bonded to the chrome quite strongly, and I don't know if a strong cleaner will damage the chrome. 4. The lid moves around a bit at the hinge. Makes it feel a kind of cheap and fragile. Minor notes/suggestions: In my opinion, they should draw less attention to the logos. Reduce the size of the huge emblem and remove the 'Niche' from the lid. Currently, they're being a bit too smug A larger funnel/more accomodating lid would be nice for grinding larger amounts of beans. The magnet that keeps the lid closed is painted over. Looks a bit strange. I've seen models where this was not the case and it looked better. Grind quality - no real complaints. Popcorning can be a bit annoying. Also, I have a hard time dialing in grind settings for coarse french press, going almost all the way counter-clockwise back to 'fine' to get decent results. Does anyone have a suggested setting for press?
  2. I have stumbled upon several used Ascaso Dream machines (non PID versions) for 100£ or less used. One of them is 6 years old and seller writes it has only been used 3 times total. Based on the specs, I know it's not a good machine by any means. But would it be a good starter/learner at 100£? They sell for 400-500£ new.
  3. I'm an avid black drinker so not sure a dual boiler will be used, apart from when having guests over. And they are mostly the kind that wouldn't be able to tell the difference between instant coffee and a fresh roast, so it would be a waste 😅 Yeah, no rush for now. Will take my time with the grinder and press coffee until the itch for espresso has to be scratched. Never heard of it
  4. I thought about the option, but it would end up very close to the Niche, and in the end I would prefer to have one superior product over two inferior ones. For a premium product I would expect at least 2 years warranty. Well, I'm the one who has to worry if something in my machine breaks and I need it serviced or to acquire spare parts Buuuut... in the end you are all right. I would not be satisfied with any of the more affordable grinders. So I've bit the bullet and placed an order on the Niche. After rigorously questioning James about my concerns, of course. I'm confident I will be happy with it, even though the price was a bit above my comfort zone. Now, will I have to remodel my kitchen to match it spaceship looks or just accept this little curiosity as it is?
  5. Plenty to go around Seems like the Niche is the grinder to get. Still, not sure if I'm ready to throw 500£ at it. Too many uncertainties (new product, 1 year warranty, Brexit etc.). Currently also having a Compak K3 Touch Advanced for 300£ in mind. Anyone have experience with changing between grind settings on this one? Only an option if you have a stray Dane about.
  6. Thanks for the replies I guess the Niche is the grinder to get if you can cope with its looks. Not sure I'm there yet 😅 Does it really allow you to go from french press to espresso and back eadily and with no issues?
  7. Maybe when they stop the crowdfunding business. I'm currently looking at the Eureka Mignon series. They seem to fit my needs. Trying to decide between the Silenzio and the Specialita (Perfetto grind dial seems gimmicky, even though it could be useful). Does the 50mm vs 55mm burrs matter in any other way than grind speeds? How are these with price/quality compared to e.g. Mazzer and Macap? The silenzio is 300£ and the Specialita 365£.
  8. Thanks for the info. I guess I can't get the best of both worlds! I live in Denmark, here the standard warranty period is 2 years from the dealer by law and sometimes more from the manufacturer.
  9. I have a Hario Skerton manual grind, but it's not very ergonomical and takes forever to grind enough coffee for anything above 2 cups.
  10. I found a warranty statement of one year only. I'm a bit worried about buying a grinder from a relatively new brand if they can't guarantee that it still works after just one year. Hmm good to know. As mentioned, I do have a small manual grinder for very coarse grinds, however, it's a pain for anything other than french press. How is the Vario better than e.g. the Mazzer Mini? Only in changing settings frequently? They cost the same where I live.
  11. Sooooooooo... I ended up cancelling my order. For multiple reasons (not that I don't think the Sage would have me happy). Instead, I have decided to look for a good grinder to begin with, one that I can use for both my moka pot and french press, then move on to espresso if a good deal on a machine I like pops up. So my question is now what grinder? It has to be future proof (espresso) but also able to do french press fairly well (not necessarily extremely coarse grinds). I found some offers on Mazzer grinders that seem to be well-liked: Mazzer Mini Manual Doser - 350£ Mazzer Super Jolly Manual Doser - 500£ I like the small size of the Mini, but how does it perform compared to the larger/improved blades of the Super Jolly? Is it worth the almost 50% premium? Also, never having tried dosers, can they work without a portafilter/basket? For 500£ there's also the Niche Zero, but I haven't been able to find any warranty information on that one, which holds me back. And finally, can I have some other recommendations in this price range? 500£ is my absolute maximum budget.
  12. Your last sentence is key here--I have to start somewhere. And I can't possibly know where I want to take it in the future, which is why I was looking for buying advice I think the BE will be a good starting point. It's the only machine in the "lower" price range that I actually like the look of, which is important for inspiring me to use it as much as possible. And, as @Tonino said, I can always get a secondary grinder in the future if the need arises.
  13. Hehe, you did well, but I really don't want to go swimming in the deep end (for now)!
  14. I could get the Simonelli Oscar II + Grinta grinder for 800€ new vs the 500€ I payed for the Sage BE. Would that give me an equally better result or should more be invested in the grinder to feel a difference?
  15. Haha, excellent bit of wisdom! I will consider the cancellation. But I am interested in hearing what you would recommend me to look at (both for machine and grinder)? Yes, I could potentially increase my budget a little if that money goes a long way (the 600€ was set to match a recent compensation for a very delayed flight that I decided to spend to treat myself). And I do have a personality that allows for diving deep into things like this, which can be dangerous when your free time is limited, so I'm really trying to hold back here!
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