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  1. I received my machine today. I have not been able to find any significant scratches from unpacking and looking it over.
  2. Thank you for answering my questions. Please mark me down for one
  3. I would be interested in a machine. How many years is thw warranty and what does it cover? Do you ship to Denmark with EU plug? What color will you do, just stainless steel?
  4. I have read your reviews and I'm leaning towards to Bianca. If I'm paying that much I'd rather get the machine I feel the most excitement towards. The offer I got on the Minima is from one of those Italian exporter/importers, and I'm not convinced that the level of costumer service they will provide is satisfactory. The Bianca would be from one of two small domestic dealers that carry Lelit. Oh well, time to think again. Wish there was a nice SBDU to be had, but the market doesn't seem geared towards those.
  5. Oh dear, looks like I'm about to take the plunge on a DB out of my original budget. This is what happens when you post here ? Gotten a decent offer on a Minima at 1250€. But after starting looking at other dual boilers, the Lelit Bianca is really tempting as well. Prefer the design and seems like the upgrades and accessories are well worth the price difference. Not sold on the manual flow profiler, though. Does anyone have the dimension of it without the water tank? Can't find those anywhere. Is there any difference in part quality between the two?
  6. I'm now fairly certain I should go with a SBDU, the Bezzera Unica PID is currently first on my list, but a cheaper DB might also be up for debate. Started looking at the ACS Minima as this seems to be well-received on these forums and it's "only" 250€ more. It's a bit too big for my intended spot, but I have another place it can fit if I rearrange some things in my kitchen. Same for the Unica after all. Any other suggestions for good SBDUs below the 1000€ mark?
  7. SBDU can be fine (I use one myself) especially if you don't make many milky drinks at a time. It's just a question of understanding a respective machines strengths & weaknesses and whether they'll impact you too much. Yeah, and with my consumption rate of 1-3 cups a day, 90-95% being milk-free, I would expect a SBDU to be a good match. Yet it seems likely everyone advises against it and suggests going for a HX machine (referring to the general consensus I get from searching the web). Thank you for the walkthrough. I think I got an decent idea of how the different types of machines work. What I don't have is a good understanding of the differences in workflow between a HX and SBDU when making only espresso. But I guess that varies a bit between manufacturers? I understand that a PID is much more precise than a thermostat, and thus superior at maintaining a stable temperature. The Bezzera BZ models have a heated group set @ 90C with a thermostat. I would expect that to produce a better heat stability than the basic Gaggias and Silvias. Also, I've read the that BZ10 HX does not require cooling flushes by design, but have been unable to find any explanation why. I live in a very hard water area (~30 dH or ~500 mg/L), so tap water and even filters are out of the question, I will have to use bottled water. I've come to realize it's really difficult to choose a machine and that I probably won't be able to get everything I want from my budget
  8. So what you imply is to stay away from SBDU units, even high quality ones? I was under the impression that HX machines require little more effort to get the temperature right, but can they be used as a "single boiler", i.e. no cooling flushes and the likes, while taking advantage of the larger boiler for better temp stability? Will a PID be of benefit on a HX machine when not using the steamer? If so, I may be looking at a decision between the Lelit PL62 and Bezzera BZ10. These posts always end up being very informative, thank you all.
  9. Thanks for all the replies, informative indeed. It would be interesting to see how the power consumption is the first 15 vs 30 minutes after power on. I would expect the heat up period to account for a big part of the daily consumption. If it only runs at full power for the first, say 5 minutes, then the difference between an electrically heated group head and an E61 may not be as bad as I thought. Maybe, with a timer, the E61's are not out of the question after all. I'm curious though, I get that the Sage wins on convenience, but no one has commented on the Bezzera BZ09. Is this a sign that it's not a good machine? Or is it better value to spend 50% more for E61 and PID? The Lelit Mara is obviously well liked, but don't know if I will ever be needing the HX. Also, I appreciate the suggestions for a La Pavoni, but I don't think I want to go down this path.
  10. Assuming the machine runs at 1500W while heating for 30 minutes twice a day all days of the year, that would amount to about 550 kWh @ 180 euros where I live. But feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken! Half that if the heat up time is halved I would guess.
  11. I will keep that in mind. As far as I gather, the Pavoni tends to give more clarity and not the deep/rich flavors that I prefer. Is this your experience as well? At the moment I'm gravitating towards the Bezzera BZ09 due to build quality and semi-quick heat up. Also it has an internal adjustable thermostat, so missing the PID may not be so bad. Found a decent deal on it for €700. Don't think an E61 is good for me after all, the power consumption for heating it up twice a day for just 1 cup make these much more expensive than they are on paper, unfortunately.
  12. No, I haven't really considered a manual machine as I figured it would be too difficult to use? Also, how does it heat up in 5 mins, does it not require the group head to be fully heated the same as semi-automatic machines?
  13. After settling on a grinder (Niche Zero) and breaking it in a bit with french press and moka pot coffee, my itch for a home espresso machine has returned and I hope that you guys can offer me some pieces of advice My needs are: Small footprint (my kitchen counter is only 42 cm deep and 51 cm in height). Warm up enough for good shots within 15 min. in the morning (optimal warm up time can be a bit longer for evening and weekend use). Make 1-2 double shots 2 times daily (milk drinks only for the occasional guest). Budget is ~1000 euros at most. Based on this, I'm thinking a single boiler PID machine should suffice. I currently have my eyes on the following machines: Lelit PL41TEM - €400 Pros: Small boiler and group for quicker heat up, PID, price Cons: 57 mm group, needs accessory upgrades, plastic parts Bezzera BZ09 - €850 Pros: Heated group head, small copper boiler Cons: No PID, needs accessory upgrades Bezzera Unica PID - €1100 (version with wooden knobs/handles) Pros: PID, design and wooden parts, E61 quality Cons: E61 warm up time, size may challenge my counter Sage Dual Boiler - €1000 Pros: Overall convenience and speed, price can be good on sales Cons: Looks a bit gimmicky, too many electronics, heard it produces shots lacking in mouthfeel? Lelit PL62T - €1150 Pros: Small footprint, PID, design, E61 Cons: Large HX boiler and long warm up times Probably haven't thought of everything, so I will appreciate it if you can offer some comments on these machines or suggestions for other machines I should have a look at Not sure if I will be happy with the cheaper machines or find the need to upgrade soon after. Waiting for a potential Black Friday deal on any of the more expensive machines is a possibility.
  14. After having spent a week with my grinder I have a few comments on their quality control, which needs to improve a bit for product in this price range: 1. The wood is very rough to the touch at several spots and needs sanding + oiling. I know this can happen if it dries out during transport/storage, but since the machine was produced not that long ago it should not be the case. 2. One of the wooden feet is loose and spins around. Upon closer examination, it seems to have been carved out more aggressively than the other feet, resulting in a gap between the grinder casing and the wood. 3. There is a ~1 cm blemish on the bezel. Looks like dried paint residue. I have not been able to remove it, its bonded to the chrome quite strongly, and I don't know if a strong cleaner will damage the chrome. 4. The lid moves around a bit at the hinge. Makes it feel a kind of cheap and fragile. Minor notes/suggestions: In my opinion, they should draw less attention to the logos. Reduce the size of the huge emblem and remove the 'Niche' from the lid. Currently, they're being a bit too smug A larger funnel/more accomodating lid would be nice for grinding larger amounts of beans. The magnet that keeps the lid closed is painted over. Looks a bit strange. I've seen models where this was not the case and it looked better. Grind quality - no real complaints. Popcorning can be a bit annoying. Also, I have a hard time dialing in grind settings for coarse french press, going almost all the way counter-clockwise back to 'fine' to get decent results. Does anyone have a suggested setting for press?
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