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  1. Just sent you an enquiry about a PT100M4 to go with a Rex C-100 to do exactly that! :-)
  2. Turned out it was the brew stat which was particularly annoying as I'd already ordered the spares needed to rebuild it. Thanks again for all your advice.
  3. Probably for about a week. It was the need to get advice about fitting a PID to my Gaggia Classic that meant I took the plunge
  4. Hi All Joined this forum recently as I am interested in fitting a PID to my Gaggia Classic which I feed with beans ground in my Eureka Mignon. I can get nice tasting coffee out of my Classic (It wasn't always this way!) but would like to get even better tasting coffee, hence my interest
  5. Thank-you again Mr Shades. At ambient room temp am I right to assume that the switch would normally be closed so if there's no continuity (at room temp) it's faulty?
  6. Thanks Mr Shades I have a spare steam stat as I replaced the original with a 155 degree stat. If I replace the brew stat with the spare steam stat and it works (albeit at too higher temperature for brewing) can I assume its the stat?
  7. Dear All I have just serviced my Gaggia Classic, replacing all the O Rings on the boiler and steam valve plus the front panel switch. When I switch the machine on the brew switch illuminates immediately, indicating that the boiler is up to temperature, but the boiler doesn't heat up. However if I press the steam button the boiler heats up and produces steam. Is the problem likely to be the Water Thermostat (which worked before my strip down) or something else? Thanks James
  8. Hi I'm new to this forum and originally came across it as I am looking to install a PID on my machine after rebuilding it because the boiler was leaking. After rebuilding it, when I switch the machine on the brew switch (right hand switch of 3) illuminates indicating the boiler is up to temperature but the boiler remains cold. I suspect it the thermostat on the LHS of the boiler but this was working fine before my rebuild? All suggestions welcome
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