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  1. Can I check with you that when you try to enter the cleaning cycle, the 1 and 2 cups are flashing intermittently? Then you press them both for 5 seconds, which stops the intermittent flashing. To start the cleaning cycle, you press either button. The flashing resumes until the cleaning cycle is complete, when all three lights are on and constant.
  2. No the water isn't meant to come out. Oddly, on my first machine it did because there was a tiny hole in the rubber thing you put in the cup. I have read about this in other threads. But, no, that high ppressure is needed to clean the head.
  3. I know what you mean about letting it run through the cycle. The problem in this case though was that there was a fault with the machine. When I phoned Sage about it, they asked for the number on the bottom of the machine, and told me that it was a known fault. I swapped it for a new one, and haven't had any problems since.
  4. Hi There I've had my machine for a couple of months. It's been through the cleaning cycle twice. Following the second clean, the 1-cup and 2-cup lights (signalling a clean is required) still flash when the machine is switched on.. I have cleaned it again, but the lights are still flashing. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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