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  1. Hi, Looking for any Flair model with a case and pressure gauge included. Tamper would also be nice but not essential. Would ideally want it to be cheaper than a Flair signature (£230 at doppio). Thanks!
  2. I have an IMS 12/18 that I'm no longer using after upgrading from my Gaggia. Would be happy to swap if you've not already sold it.
  3. Thanks for the easy sale. Enjoying my Sunday morning shot from it as I type this.
  4. Okay that works great for me, I'm happy taking it at the asking price. Edit: sent a PM
  5. Hi, interested in getting this as an upgrade to my Gaggia new baby. I'm in Edinburgh but would be happy to pick up from Glasgow, which side are you on?
  6. thanks for posting this, bought some yesterday when it was still in stock. My favourite variety, such a bargain! ?
  7. that's interesting I might try setting my leveller at its lowest setting next shot I pull
  8. I have been using this columbia from bella barista and I got the same problem, ended up just up dosing until it stopped. was channelling in my case, probably because the beans are quite dense.
  9. brewslew

    UK Based Roasters

    wow that is cheap, what coffee do you usually go for?
  10. Yeah I feel like i'm lurking too, even though I've had an account for a little while
  11. Found through google when I was looking up stripping and doing up my gaggia
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