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  1. Just a thought but but have you considered an acs minima?
  2. Just to say had the espresso set through the post. Top quality cups. Thanks @M_H_S
  3. Can I take a set of light blue espresso cups please. Cheers
  4. Hello. Where are you based? Are you open to offer seeing as these retail under £1000 new? Cheers
  5. Cheeky offer for 250? I can collect from you.
  6. Hi Paolo this is a great offer. Would you have any pictures of the scratches. On a scale of 1 to 10 now easy is it to buff them out? Cheers
  7. Inoxx


    Welcome. I've also started out with a classic. Now wanting more. Keeping an eye out for a dual boiler machine. That should do me as a next upgrade.
  8. Inoxx


    Thanks guys I'll keep an eye out. There is a offer on a brand new vesuvius at the moment. Might go for that.
  9. Inoxx


    For some reason I'm not able to reply to any of the threads in the FS section. Perhaps it's cos I don't have enough posts?
  10. Inoxx


    Been thinking a dual boiler machine and a decent grinder to go with it. I've seen Niche do nice grinders but between a busy life and young kids to take care of I'd prefer an on demand grinder. Budgeting around 2k max. Don't mind shopping for used. In fact would prefer used.
  11. Inoxx


    Hey All Been a bit of a lurker in the last few months while I get my bearings. Long time user of a gaggia classic with an iberital grinder. I feel I need to up my game a bit. So much knowledge here. It's unreal. Hope to contribute to the knowledge too. Cheers
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