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  1. Thanks! That’s great. If it’s not too much trouble, are you able to post / PM me photos. Can you also send me your payment details (PayPal ok?) so that I can send you the payment and my address. Many thanks again!
  2. Thanks both. Seems like the Bror trolley/ work bench is the way to go. I’ll have to measure it up against the space in my living room and will order. So excited to have my first ever set up!
  3. I am cosmetically restoring an old Mazzer SJ, which I bought as my first grinder. If anyone is willing to sell a spare grind tray (in decent quality) and/or an adjustment rod (bespoke is fine too), please shout. Alternatively if you come across any decent deals for these, please let me know
  4. Hi all, Still fairly new here but I just bought my first set of proper coffee machines (Sage DTP and a Mazzer SJ). I am fairly limited on kitchen counter space and was thinking of creating a separate coffee corner / trolley / island. I was looking at the following options from Ikea: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/flytta-kitchen-trolley-stainless-steel-00058487/ https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/foerhoeja-kitchen-trolley-birch-80035920/ I haven’t measured these up against the machines yet (still waiting for the DTP to arrive) but does anyone have any feedback on these trolleys or any other tables / trolleys they had used? Would also love to see photos of your non-kitchen counter coffee setup. cheers
  5. Kaffeinator


    Hi all, Thanks for all your recommendations. Just wanted to update you that after a lot of back and forth and internal debate I took the plunge and bought a new Sage DTP and a pre-owned Mazzer SJ which I am giving some love (new burrs and a paint job). Looking forward to the set-up once the DTP arrives
  6. No worries at all! After further research on this forum I went ahead and bought a second hand Mazzer SJ from EBay which I am lovingly restoring. Best of luck finding a new home for your Virtuoso :)
  7. These are back again for £365 at Curry’s and AO. DTP for £199 at John Lewis, Amazon.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. Any chance we could meet at £90? 🙂
  9. Thanks. Appreciate you’ve dropped the price recently but any chance you’d be willing to part with it for £85. If so (and assuming good working condition), I am able to collect from NW London on Saturday afternoon / evening.
  10. Hi. I’m potentially interested. Is it still under warranty? @Mbot
  11. Kaffeinator


    Thanks all. Very helpful! Is the sale subforum more active during other times of the year? Ideally I’d like to buy from someone here because there’s a likelihood that it’ll be better looked after and safer than buying used from eBay.
  12. Kaffeinator


    Looking for something that’s fairly easy to use but also makes decent coffee. Thanks!
  13. Kaffeinator


    Don’t mind buying second hand as long as it’s in good condition. Budget is around £350 as I’m a newbie
  14. Thanks for the recommendation. That’s on my commute to work. Looking forward to trying it out!
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