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  1. For blades, I love Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge (the yellow ones), and also SuperMax Super Platinum. Feather are really nice, but maybe not as durable as some. I will look to try some different blades just for the craic when mine eventually run out.
  2. My blade bank - an old sweets tin. A couple of years worth of blades, and still plenty of room in there!
  3. Another one from James Hoffman: "coffee is a moving target"😎
  4. I came across another BH piece discussing dose size, but this time in terms of puck depth. It suggests that increasing depth has a negative effect on 'vertical' temperature stability within a shot, and subsequent evenness of extraction. It then suggests that although a more shallow puck counteracts this and allows you to grind finer, it is more at risk of channelling. Their summary is: ”So the ideal dose is essentially the lowest you can use before channelling becomes an issue. Where that point lies depends on many things such as your grinder, your technique, and the brew pressure.”
  5. Thanks, I might have to try venturing into The Third Pull on my lever, to see what I get. I tend to favour short ratio, strong shots, but they are coming out a bit bright. I'll see if I get any more bitterness for balance, with a third pull. I've been dabbling with it at home. Whilst that taste was once my baseline for What Espresso Tastes Like, I haven't enjoyed it as much as I remembered. I think my current baseline or reference point for espresso is a fresh, medium roasted Brazilian (either SO or blend) from my local roaster. 🇧🇷🍊🌶️☕
  6. Thanks folks, I started thinking more about this stuff when I changed from many years of using a "typical" pump driven 58mm machine, to a Pontevecchio Lusso with a 48mm Portafilter, and a spring lever requiring multiple pulls - the acquisition of this machine basically detonated two of my variables, dose and time. In actual fact I no longer time my output. As I've been dialling in various coffees (bright Ethiopians, blackened Italians, middling Brazilians) I've had to explore more , on all variables. Ultimately taste is king, and I'll be guided by that, but I'm trying to make sense of it all as I go.😋☕
  7. Thanks very much! Cooffe I feel happy with the "up/down" portion of your diagram, I guess that the "right/left" portion answers my question - if your 1:2 30sec coffee is 'too aggressive' go for Hypothetical Scenario A (tighter grind, lower dose), and if it's 'too bland' go for Hypothetical Scenario B (coarser grind, higher dose). Using the correct terminology, does "too band" = underextracted, and "too aggressive" = overextracted? I sometimes look at the Barista Hustle extraction compass.
  8. I have a query I'd like to hear peoples thoughts on: If you are dialling in a new coffee for espresso, and you go, say, 18g in 36g out (1:2) in 22 seconds, you decide you need to slow the shot down. In hypothetical scenario A you keep the dose at 18g and tighten the grind a bit finer, and the 36g shot (1:2) comes out in 30 secs. In hypothetical scenario B you keep the grind the same but up the dose to 19.5g and get a 39g shot (1:2), also in 30 secs. What are the extraction or taste differences between the two shots? [I realise that the advice is generally to "lock in" your dose and only adjust the grind, bit this is to help me try to understand extraction a bit better] Ta!
  9. I agree with this. It may only take 2-3 shots, but with 1kg I don't worry about dialling in. With 250g, if it's a finicky coffee, it could be half gone by the time it's perfect. I don't mind 250g for V60 as I find that's easier to get a 'good' coffee, even if it's not perfect right away. James Hoffman has just put up a good video on how he dials-in espresso. Not rocket science, but useful.
  10. Picked up some Caffe Mauro De Luxe beans, 250g tin (not too big of a commitment!). Roasted 3 months ago, June 2019, packaged in a CO2 or Nitrogen can. 70% Arabia, 30% Robusta. They are good. Quite a straightforward, singular taste - smooth Bouneville type cocoa powder, and a little spicy 'hot' note that I tend get with Brazil. Not an enormous amount of plush Crema from the Robusta, but more of a buttery mouth feel. No burnt rubber. Probably not as good as the commercial Brazilian blend I had fresh from a local roaster recently, but better than some UK espresso blends, and a very simple enjoyable shot. Might try something more rustic and less de luxe next!
  11. Hi, I'm just posting to introduce my Pontevecchio Lusso, recently procured on this here forum. It's my first lever machine, although I've had various basic pump driven machines for the last 10 or so years. The details: It's a 2014 Lusso 2, with black casing. It came with two teeny portafilters, double and single baskets, a solid custom-milled tamper, and a nifty 46mm metal lens hood / dosing funnel, as well as the manual. What I've done: Opened it up, given it a good clean, re-set the Pressurestat from 1.6 to 1.3 (and recently back up to 1.6 for a light roast). I have also begun investigating how best to do a vacuum breaker mod, although that's probably best left to a separate post. What I think of it: it's amazing! It looks beautiful. It's so quiet. It produces sweet shots, as claimed. You only have to use a small dose of coffee, so you can have more coffees! Having two groupheads is awesome. The tactile element of lever espresso is really rewarding and addictive, even with a spring lever. The coffee: Initially I had to disagree with the online consensus that it's a very forgiving machine - it took me a while to dial it in - but on reflection I was just slow in grinding fine enough. I started at 14g and got gushers, but when I tightened the grind I got severe, watery channelling. I have since down-dosed, and this has allowed me to tighten the grind sufficiently to get slow, syrupy shots. There seem to be three camps online regarding dose: 11g, 14g, and 16-18g, but I am finding that I get better results towards 11g. I have to say I got a lot of support from the seller, via email, for which I am very grateful. The steam is superb. You can use it whilst your shot is pulling, and it's powerful and dry. I am having to adjust to only having 15 seconds to steam my milk, instead of 30+. I think I need a smaller milk jug, too. Issues: I don't love the warm-up routine, (heat up, bleed off false pressure, heat back up, pull levers to initiate heat syphon, wait for grouphead to heat up) but I can live with it. I may do the vac breaker mod, but then I'd still have to manually start the syphon action, so I'm not certain I will. I don't think I'll insulate the boiler, as weekdays it's only on for an hour. So there you are! If there are any other Ponte Vecchio owners out there is be keen to hear of your experiences with your machine. ☕
  12. I've been avoiding these Happy Donkey Sumatra Mocha beans at the back of my cupboard for a while, finding them way too dark and burnt (received them as a gift). After some recent reading on getting the most out of stale Italian beans (!) I pulled some lovely 13.5g in / 19g out ristrettos this morning, much better sweetness, less burnt and bitter. Altered my opinion of these beans a bit. Please excuse the latte "art"!🤪
  13. This is superb! Next week I'm planning to get either some Kimbo Superior or some Segafredo Intermezzo (as an extreme counterpoint to my light & lemony Ethiopian Hambela). Have had some horrendous memories of Segafredo ground coffee though - can anybody advise or recommend?
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