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  1. My usual lunchtime work coffee is a Melitta plastic filter cone, using some coffee I ground at home before work. I love the Melitta; it doesn't give you as much control or clarity as a good V60, but it has a huge margin of error for getting a fairly clean, flavoursome filter coffee with minimal effort. Recently though, my workmates have bought me a Wacaco Pipamoka. I'm beginning to get to grips with it, but on searching around for advice on how best to brew with it, I basically found nothing. It's marginally more faff than the Melitta, but I've had a few sweet cups from it now, and the cu
  2. I think the Crabtree & Evelyn stuff is a bit underrated - I had their Moroccan Myrrh set and it was fantastic, really pungent! Incidentally, I discovered yesterday that the legendary but seemingly discontinued Palmolive have stick is currently available in Boyes for 90p!
  3. Just to follow up on this thread, as the OP, I was very grateful for all of the advice and info people offered, and I now have a watch. The original brief and the budget went out of the window somewhat, but I am now the proud owner of a Seiko Presage SSA343J1 cocktail time: Since seeing this watch I have been in love with it! I can post some pros & cons in future, but I'm very pleased with it, to say the least. And I might still have a gap in my drawer for a rugged everyday diver...🤔
  4. I think a lot of people here will have experience of these beans. If nobody is forthcoming, have a search on the forum. CC tend to roast on the darker side. I too have a kg of Chocolate Point at the moment - I think it makes a great espresso, but I agree, it is very lightly roasted and gives a relatively bright shot (within the scale of "traditional Italian" espresso). Her it is next to some Ginevra, for colour comparison: Managed to get these sort of shots from Chocolate Point: The other coffee I have going on at the moment is Kimbo Prestige, with a roast date of 18/1
  5. You're so right, the Cocktail Time and the Alkin are >£300. The Newmark 6BB looks really classy, as well as solid. Seems a good deal for £279 delivered. This is quite an education, now I'm even finding myself scrolling Reddit/watches during the odd quiet moment!🤪
  6. I find the Divex and Poseidon just too utilitarian looking. I can't quite get away with Vostocks, just the basic crude look of them. Steeldive I'm sure are decent watches and excellent value - if you delve into AliExpress etc there are a load of Seiko-driven, sapphire crystal divers that are possibly decent. I might explore that in future, depending on whether I get a diver or a dress watch now - I spotted the Seiko Cocktail Time (power reserve model) as a late contender; saw a few of them in the flesh, in John Lewis, and they are stunning.
  7. That's really nice - sapphire, Miyota movement, solid stainless steel bracelet, 41mm. Undeniably good value at £335, great suggestion.
  8. So much good information to digest here. It's difficult to break it down into meaningful generalisations, but here we go: * Your watch can probably either please you, or please a watch collector, but doing both might be difficult! * The floor price for a "lifetime watch" is pretty high. I'm not looking for that right now, but I think I will be in maybe 10 years time. * Ok quality, budget Automatic watches are available, and collectors will either respect them for what they are, or dismiss them for what they are not. * The super low end of the market (£40-80, non-prestige,
  9. My go-to resource for all things cocktail is Simon Difford: https://www.diffordsguide.com/cocktails/recipe/725/espresso-martini
  10. 😂😂I love this! Nice succinct summary! I'm sure there is some value in squatting down to gaze breathlessly at a bottomless pour, or closely scrutinising a spent puck of coffee, but if my family caught me doing it they'd think I had lost the plot!
  11. Thanks DavecUK, maybe this pushes me back towards the Orient Mako or Ray models, if I can stay closer to £150 and do without Sapphire - I imagine the mineral crystal will be perfectly fine, and a few scuffs wouldn't bother me on a rugged daily watch. I'd try the Seiko 5 Sports equivalent models, but they seem to come in above the £200 mark, for a diver style. I cad a quick look at this, but felt apprehensive about buying from sellers in Turkey / Spain / Wherever. I assume it's kosher then? Grumble that is a classy time teller!
  12. I am still torn, but enjoying weighing up different options (that's half of the fun isn't it). I can't decide whether the Invictus would be too big for me, and whether I can get away with the engraving on the side of the case. I'm rather taken with some of the Orient dive watches. Their Mako and Ray models look good (circa £160), but if you step up to their Kamasu model you get sapphire glass. These can be had for £200-230, with the RA-AA0004E model my current favourite. Any opinions on the Orient ranges would be welcomed gratefully! I had a brief look at 'grey market' res
  13. This stuck a chord with me - I do really value the simplicity and reliability of the best Italian beans, both in terms of getting a tasty shot with minimal effort on a Monday at 6AM, and in terms of freeing me from responsibility towards a precious product, like your unique and challenging single malt. I do love to try fresh, high scoring single origins a lot of the time, and I realise that not all of them are necessarily challenging, demanding products, but I appreciate having (the good) Italian beans as a comfortable, familiar destination, to reset my palette and renew my curiosity for somet
  14. Thanks DavecUK, the Invicta looks incredible for £80, and the Casio Edifice looks like it would go on forever. Given that servicing a sub£200 automatic would not be economical, I might be best off either looking out for one of the cheaper Seiko 5's (they seem to be readily available for £80-120, generally the non-diver ones, without a rotating bezel) or getting an Invictus Pro Dive. I think beyond that it'll just come down to which I prefer the look of🤔💅
  15. Brilliant suggestions guys, really great - I've got some research to do! Had a quick look on TimeZone, clearly an enormous rabbit hole, although again most of it seemed to be US based. I feel fairly sold on the Seiko's (I looked at Orient but they seem to be more dress-y); good quality but affordable enough to actually wear day to day, just need to narrow it down now. I had my eye on a SRPD51K1, but obviously that model is £250, not £90!! BlackCatCoffee thanks, I have been eyeing up the Chocolate Point blend (whilst watching slow motion David Schomer shots😂), it sounds superb. Ma
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