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  1. So many good looking Seikos - they seem to be getting a lot of hate ATM from watch people, since the discontinuation of the SKX, as their prices go up and perceived value for money goes down. Here's a poor quality photo of mine: I wouldn't hesitate to get another Seiko, although I wouldn't pay the RRP - I've seen a few great deals on the high street, particularly at John Lewis of all places, as well as H.Samuel and Ernest Jones. Whilst the Cocktail Time has had a lot of wrist time, for me it's "too nice", or at least too dressy for every day. I realise that it's a taboo subjec
  2. I thought I would post a quick update, with this thread having been quiet for a few months. In one sense, I feel like I have now explored Italian espresso pretty completely, and don't want to keep repeating myself ad infinitum. With that said though, I still like to have some simple, reliable Italian beans in my house AT ALL TIMES! It's just that they have now become more of as commodity than a novelty. During full lockdown, one of my usual sources, TK Maxx was shut down, and for a month or so after it returned, they weren't doing fresh/food products. A few weeks ago however, they s
  3. Sorry for the (very) slow reply, I have been taking a while to get to grips with the Pipamoka! Yes, when you twist the orange ring, it opens up a space beneath the coffee bed, and the water (above it) is sucked through by negative pressure, instead of the positive pressure that Aeropress uses. One disadvantage is that the vessel isn't transparent, so you don't know if/when the water has passed through the puck, and you have to just "feel" how much resistance the dial twist is giving you. You could argue that this involves some sort of lever-like Zen, but I'm not sure! I have had a few cup
  4. My usual lunchtime work coffee is a Melitta plastic filter cone, using some coffee I ground at home before work. I love the Melitta; it doesn't give you as much control or clarity as a good V60, but it has a huge margin of error for getting a fairly clean, flavoursome filter coffee with minimal effort. Recently though, my workmates have bought me a Wacaco Pipamoka. I'm beginning to get to grips with it, but on searching around for advice on how best to brew with it, I basically found nothing. It's marginally more faff than the Melitta, but I've had a few sweet cups from it now, and the cu
  5. I think the Crabtree & Evelyn stuff is a bit underrated - I had their Moroccan Myrrh set and it was fantastic, really pungent! Incidentally, I discovered yesterday that the legendary but seemingly discontinued Palmolive have stick is currently available in Boyes for 90p!
  6. Just to follow up on this thread, as the OP, I was very grateful for all of the advice and info people offered, and I now have a watch. The original brief and the budget went out of the window somewhat, but I am now the proud owner of a Seiko Presage SSA343J1 cocktail time: Since seeing this watch I have been in love with it! I can post some pros & cons in future, but I'm very pleased with it, to say the least. And I might still have a gap in my drawer for a rugged everyday diver...🤔
  7. I think a lot of people here will have experience of these beans. If nobody is forthcoming, have a search on the forum. CC tend to roast on the darker side. I too have a kg of Chocolate Point at the moment - I think it makes a great espresso, but I agree, it is very lightly roasted and gives a relatively bright shot (within the scale of "traditional Italian" espresso). Her it is next to some Ginevra, for colour comparison: Managed to get these sort of shots from Chocolate Point: The other coffee I have going on at the moment is Kimbo Prestige, with a roast date of 18/1
  8. You're so right, the Cocktail Time and the Alkin are >£300. The Newmark 6BB looks really classy, as well as solid. Seems a good deal for £279 delivered. This is quite an education, now I'm even finding myself scrolling Reddit/watches during the odd quiet moment!🤪
  9. I find the Divex and Poseidon just too utilitarian looking. I can't quite get away with Vostocks, just the basic crude look of them. Steeldive I'm sure are decent watches and excellent value - if you delve into AliExpress etc there are a load of Seiko-driven, sapphire crystal divers that are possibly decent. I might explore that in future, depending on whether I get a diver or a dress watch now - I spotted the Seiko Cocktail Time (power reserve model) as a late contender; saw a few of them in the flesh, in John Lewis, and they are stunning.
  10. That's really nice - sapphire, Miyota movement, solid stainless steel bracelet, 41mm. Undeniably good value at £335, great suggestion.
  11. So much good information to digest here. It's difficult to break it down into meaningful generalisations, but here we go: * Your watch can probably either please you, or please a watch collector, but doing both might be difficult! * The floor price for a "lifetime watch" is pretty high. I'm not looking for that right now, but I think I will be in maybe 10 years time. * Ok quality, budget Automatic watches are available, and collectors will either respect them for what they are, or dismiss them for what they are not. * The super low end of the market (£40-80, non-prestige,
  12. My go-to resource for all things cocktail is Simon Difford: https://www.diffordsguide.com/cocktails/recipe/725/espresso-martini
  13. 😂😂I love this! Nice succinct summary! I'm sure there is some value in squatting down to gaze breathlessly at a bottomless pour, or closely scrutinising a spent puck of coffee, but if my family caught me doing it they'd think I had lost the plot!
  14. Thanks DavecUK, maybe this pushes me back towards the Orient Mako or Ray models, if I can stay closer to £150 and do without Sapphire - I imagine the mineral crystal will be perfectly fine, and a few scuffs wouldn't bother me on a rugged daily watch. I'd try the Seiko 5 Sports equivalent models, but they seem to come in above the £200 mark, for a diver style. I cad a quick look at this, but felt apprehensive about buying from sellers in Turkey / Spain / Wherever. I assume it's kosher then? Grumble that is a classy time teller!
  15. I am still torn, but enjoying weighing up different options (that's half of the fun isn't it). I can't decide whether the Invictus would be too big for me, and whether I can get away with the engraving on the side of the case. I'm rather taken with some of the Orient dive watches. Their Mako and Ray models look good (circa £160), but if you step up to their Kamasu model you get sapphire glass. These can be had for £200-230, with the RA-AA0004E model my current favourite. Any opinions on the Orient ranges would be welcomed gratefully! I had a brief look at 'grey market' res
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