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  1. I see that James only offer 250g bags - the best thing for freshness I suppose, but it takes away the usual saving you can get by buying kg's. At £5 for 250g I shouldn't be grumbling though!
  2. CoolingFlush

    Mara X

    OMG😍 - If I ever upgrade it will have to be one of these! HX minus cooling flushes plus silence...
  3. My Pontevecchio machine has a weird size portafilter, so YMMV. Doses range from 12 to 17g and my 'standard' is 16g. I used 15g of this, didn't weigh the output but keep it 'short', at less than 2 full lever pulls. Grinding finely is a must.
  4. I have a bag of Attibassi Crema d'Oro lined-up, I'll stick a review on here when I get around to trying it.
  5. On inspecting the beans, I'm impressed by the uniformity of their appearance and size. They have the beginnings of a slight sheen, but are not 'oily'. The coffee behaves like slightly old coffee - I still haven't finished tightening the grind, finer and finer! Nevertheless it has given me a couple of ok espressos. Thick, heavy body, a very monotone flavour of strong dark chocolate. Slightly too carbonic - not ashy but a bit of an overdone toast taste. In a cappuccino however, it tasted immense! So rich and powerful. I might need a couple more shots to have it fully dialed in, but in summary I'd say that it's a bit plain and dark as espresso, but incredible as a traditional cappuccino. ☕🇮🇹👍
  6. Having enjoyed the Manaresi Marrone blend, I came across a 250g bag of their Oro blend and couldn't resist trying it. It has P45 11 21 stamped on, so I'm guessing it's best before Nov 2021, potentially roasted Nov 2019, so not particularly fresh...
  7. That may be taken as blasphemy on here, but I have to agree, some Robusta can be a good addition. 👍👍👍 "Mokador..." Thanks for the recommendation, I've never tried that. Yes I'd be interested in getting some, whether it was a small group buy or just a personal import. I couldn't really commit to a repeat purchase though (I'm too busy drinking sour hipster third wave stuff most of the time!).
  8. How did the Lavazza Super Crema go down? I actually have no experience of making espresso with Lavazza, but absolutely hate Lavazza Rossa pre-ground, so I'm disinclined to try their other stuff!
  9. I will join in with the hijack of this thread to share my experience of Cartwheel Misspent Youth! After I saw it recommended on the forum as a 70% / 30% blend of my two favourite coffee countries I was pretty keen, having recently got through several kg's of both Brazilian and Ethiopian single origin coffees. £21/kg delivered, ordered on 30/1, received on 3/2, roast date 27/1. Although it looked nice, I immediately replaced the lined paper bag it came in, with a ziplock valved bag. The first thing that struck me was the mix of 'normal' sized flat beans and absolutely tiny round beans! Then the smell - a potent waft of peanutty, creamy, blueberry natural-ness. I got a ballpark decent shot out of it on the second go, and to me it immediately tasted bright and sunny like a typical Ethiopian coffee, despite being 70% Brazilian. Throughout last week though, it has taken me a bit of effort to get it perfect (another characteristic I associate more with Ethiopians). As espresso it is vibrant, and has all the bright, berry-like acidity of a typical Ethiopian natural (redcurrant, raspberry?) but tempered by an extra bit of sweetness and body. You really do get the best of both the origin beans, without it being a compromise. To me it tastes a bit like a Brazilian with more interesting acidity, or an Ethiopian with a more creamy body. As a flat white, the same tart berry taste comes across much more like blueberry - soft and 'powdery' but fruity. It seems to add an extra creamy-ness to milk drinks. On the back of the packet it states "a fantastic base for all your favourite milk drinks". 👍👍👍
  10. Either way, I finished it off with a noticeably cleaner shot of the deliciously sweet Colombian I am currently drinking: Success!
  11. A quick Pulcaff treatment yielded a lot of mess... But resulted in clean pistons and group heads: Albeit one (the left one) with a loose gasket. I am wondering whether the ridge on the business side of this gasket is normal, or whether I need to replace them?
  12. Today I've given the Lusso a routine clean up, and thought I'd post an update. I started with a quick soak off this morning's milk: Then decided it was time to pry off the shower screens and confront what lurked behind: I know, I know. I can only apologise!
  13. Sour = third wave espresso Bitter = second wave espresso ?
  14. I have a Melitta (good, reliable, rich cup, I use it at work when I can't faff about) and a V60 (much more clarity and separation of flavours, great for 'delicate' African SO's for example, but more difficult to get right consistently). The Kalita often seems to be cited as a mid-point between these two extremes, and people who have the Behmor seem to love that too. The world is your oyster!
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