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  1. that's ok mate I bought an aergrind in the end.
  2. Had the problem resolved in the end thanks to Machina being really helpful. Just been playing around adjusting the grind size to find my sweet spot. It does take about 2 minutes to grind a 19g dose though which I'm not sure is what to expect.
  3. I bought an aergrind in the end. After an issue at the start where the burrs were locked. Machina Espresso gave me some advice and had me up a running. Just playing with the grind size now to find my sweet spot.
  4. thanks I've left a voicemail and emailed them so hope I hear back from them by Monday
  5. So I bought an aergrind from Machina Esspresso that was delivered today. unfortunately it's faulty. I zeroed the burrs then opened it up to 1:10 for an espresso grind but when I put the beans in the burrs aren't moving and the centre collum is just tightening or unscrewing. I'm not holding the lid whilst I'm trying to grind. Has anyone had any dealings with Machina with returns or anything? I'm hoping to exchange it and hope I just had a one off dodgy Aergrind.
  6. yeah I know what you mean. I can't find a feld2 anywhere in stock. I've found somewhere that sells the aergrind but in half minds weather to hold out and wait for a feld 2. no idea how long I'll be waiting though
  7. I'm knew to all this have only found another shop online that sells any of them and they only have the aergrind in stock at £135. missed out on a feld1 last night on eBay it went for 51 quid but was well worn
  8. Hi does anyone have an idea how often the MBK website is restocked. Decided to dive in and buy a Feldgrind 2 but can't find any available.
  9. Does anyone have a rough idea of how long the Feld2 takes to come back in stock? Cheers
  10. Not bad, I have been leaning more towards a manual grinder just because I don't have acres of worktop space. I'll keep an eye out for some second hand feldgrinders or similar but they seem few and far between. thanks everyone for all the advice
  11. fair enough am I better off waiting a few months to buy a feld2 or would anything do the job for an espresso machine for 60 quid that would last me at least a year before upgrading. cheers
  12. Hi, im not exactly a coffee connoisseur but want to make sure I'm getting the best brew for the equipment I've got. I got a Sage Bambino when it was reduced in the black Friday sales, it had fairly good reviews and has a small footprint on my kitchen sides. For the past 6 months I've been using the pressurised basckets provided with finely ground coffee out of a bag and have been happy with the results so far. I've just bought a 54ml non pressurised basket to fit and was wondering if I would benefit grinding my own coffee, considering I tend to use monin syrups which might hide any improvements in flavour I would get from forking out on a grinder. I've been reading through threads and from what I can see you need to spend at least 100 quid on a hand grinder for it to be worth it which would probably see me waiting a couple of months to save some pennies up.
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