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  1. Has anyone tried one of these and has any thoughts? http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00AV5NLXC?ie=UTF8&at=&force-full-site=1&ref_=aw_bottom_links I got mine on Saturday after my b2c stopped frothing milk. I was gonna buy a new machine all together but thought I'd try this as a cheaper option. I must admit it really does produce lovely hot, velvety milk. I'm really rather impressed with it. It also increases the temperature of my caps to the missus' s taste, think lavaesque. Even though one side has already stopped working, lol, typical eh?
  2. I've had a delonghi b2c for 3 years. It's been used probably 4 times a day every day in that period. It's finally stopped producing milk froth but is still producing espressos. It has served me well and is incredibly simple to use. The downsides are that it won't produce incredibly hot drinks and it also won't be as variable or as good tasting as a manual machine. However, for us lazy so and sos i would recommend it. I was going to buy another but i bought a Hostess Milk Frother instead. John Lewis were doing the top of the range delonghi for half price during their bla
  3. nice! My tastebuds are awful so any info on how to really assist the tasting would be greatly appreciated. What a cool idea!!!
  4. what a really cool idea. count me in on this please. Also i for one do not expect you to pay for this and would be more than happy to cover whatever costs incurred. great idea!
  5. hey mike i would love to try some of your beans. If the offer is still open? still new to this and the opportunity to try freshly roasted beans done by you would be cool.
  6. lol when the bug bites it bites hard. welcome and even though you may have had bad luck with machines gong faulty. i reckon it has been good that it happened early so you could move onwards and upwards.
  7. it is true alot of folks on here would recommend going for a decent grinder and a manual machine. but i am like you and dont have the time i bought the magnifica. If you need any help/advice i will certainly try my best. regarding beans. it is personal preference. i took the year sample offer from hasbean. It is not a bad offer you should check it out. Let us know how you get on with your machine. enjoy.
  8. so did you buy a bean2cup machine?
  9. appreciate your advice guys. I was tempted by your one coffeebean but not being totally leak proof disuaded me. In the end i got the contigo cup. I must say it is top quality. It does not leak at all. I cannot comment on the heat retention too much as all the coffee goes within half hour. It is dishwasher safe and does not appear to taint the taste of the coffee at all. It has a clever drinking dispenser. You push the button on the front and then drink through the opening. clever idea.
  10. sounds like we may have a winner. does it retain the heat well? also how is it with spillages? Dont suppose you know how fat it is at the bottom do you? lol i have a skinny cup holder you see. honest.
  11. wow they look funky. have you tried one? any ideas on their impact on the taste of coffee?
  12. i did look at those but they are not a thermal cup and are not spash proof. How do they make the coffee taste?
  13. coffeeone


    i think you are totally spot on here. I brought some lovely tall glasses for my cappas and they tase bland in comparrison to making them in a more traditional rounded cappa mug. why is that?
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