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  1. That’s connecting the water level probe so could well explain the over filling if it doesn’t always conduct properly. The photo makes it look worse than it is but the sleeve is clearly damaged so the strands may well have suffered. I’ll replace it and see how it goes.
  2. I’ll give the extra Earth a go too if that’s likely to make it more reliable.
  3. Good point about the opv being part of the brew circuit - I think I understand that now. (It’s on page 3 of the Bella Barista pdf but I missed that when I was looking at it.) I’ve replaced the water level probe and will give the cables a more thorough test. The cable connecting the probe is kinked (under a cable tie which I’ve now removed) so I’ll replace it once I get some suitable cable and terminals. While I’m in there I’ll take a good look at the solenoid too. Thanks for all the help everyone!
  4. Thanks El Carajillo - I appreciate the help. The earth connections measured ok. I just retested the water level probe connection and it had a slight resistance (~1 Ohm) when cold which didn’t seem quite right. I’ll switch it on and test it when warm today - the resistance may be high when hot and causing it to overfill. It seems like the machine has an electrical/electronic fault as it worked immediately after switching it off and on. The one time I saw water spraying out of the safety valve I could hear that the pump was still running. So it didn’t seem mechanical. I’m aware I may be mis
  5. Thanks NJD - I’ll recheck the wiring and hope it’s something simple. I’m guessing the control unit isn’t the cheapest to replace! Pete
  6. Thanks Rob, The new probe wasn’t the cause of the leak, I was just trying to rule it out as a potential cause as it’s a cheap part. It only sometimes leaks on startup though. A dodgy connection could explain it I guess. I’ll check the wiring again and see if I can measure the resistance across the connections. Yes the probe is the same length- I had to cut/file it so I made double sure! Cheers, Pete
  7. Hi, Please could someone advise me on an occasional leak from the safety valve in my expobar dual boiler? It’s about 5 years old and I bought it second hand about a year ago. It’s worked well but recently it has occasionally leaked a big pool of water while warming up. I finally managed to see it leaking earlier today. After changing the vacuum breaker and water level probe (which seemed like potential candidates) it occurred to me that using the hot water tap might give it a good test as the steam boiler pressure would drop and force it to refill and heat up again
  8. I just removed the plastic insert on mine and the switch to the unpressurised basket was a huge improvement.
  9. Please could a helpful person share the code with me? Our supplies are running dangerously low and I fancy trying something different Thanks!
  10. Hi Coolmango, You may have already fixed it by now but, if not, there’s a really useful video showing how to dissemble the ec680/685 as part of a wand upgrade/mod. If I remember correctly the light coloured flexible tube connecting the steam wand is held on at each end with a simple spring clip. You should be able to see once the top’s off, though as per the video you may need to take the whole thing apart to reach the tube/wand attachment. Good luck!
  11. I second Syenitic’s pitcher plant (sarracenia) suggestion. They’ll happily eat tons of fruit flies and they look good too.
  12. Hi, I’ve just signed up and thought I’d post and say hello. Have been reading up for a while looking at improving my setup. Currently have a dedica with non pressurised baskets / Silvia wand along with a SGP and various fresh beans. I tend to make flat whites and am tempted by an hx machine like an Oscar or Mara. I’ve never noticed a big problem with the SGP and the results seem consistent even when I change beans to/from small Ethiopian beans. The advice on here is generally to upgrade the grinder first, though perhaps not with quite such a cheap espresso machine and I’m more tempte
  13. I’ve been lurking for a while as I’m getting bored of the weak/inconsistent steam from my dedica and I’m considering buying something nicer. I switched to non pressurised filter baskets ages ago after reading something on here which made a big difference to the espresso quality and more recently modded it with a Silvia wand. Not sure if I’ll make it up to five posts to use the classifieds though!
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