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  1. Who likes to use a stove top moka pot for brewing, what ground beans do you like to use with it, medium, more dark and rich? Do you drink your brew as espresso or as one long drink?
  2. Whilst we agree you might not find crema tasty on it's own like you might a frothy milk, it does add a balanced depth if on a machine brewed drink like espresso or cappuccino.
  3. We would be interested to know how you get on and what you think ☺️
  4. What style and strength of fresh coffee tempts taste buds and how does anyone brew theirs?
  5. We have written a blog all about the freezer method of storage, but basically you have to try it to taste how good it works. Fresh coffee beans or grounds never freeze, the consistency of the cold and dark environment locks in freshness, where as the light and heat changes of a kitchen will quickly start to deteriorate the colour and taste of fresh ground coffee. Of course as with anything in the freezer, if water gets into a product, it freezes, expands and ruins it, so whilst fresh coffee doesn't freeze, water would and then that's what would ruin it. But, put coffee in an air tight freezer safe jar so no water can get in and it is magic, coffee will be preserved way past it's best before date, to use straight away as needed. We tested over 2 weeks with the same coffee batch.. Some in the freezer and some left in the kitchen. Within a week or so the kitchen coffee lost colour and significant taste, whilst the freezer coffee grounds were as fresh as the day they went in. This speaks volumes to us!
  6. Natural crema can depend on the dark oily texture of the beans and beans roasted to an Italian strength are usually the go to for crema, but it also depends on your brewing method. A cafetiere is very unlikely to produce a natural coffee crema froth, whilst a short sharp blast of water through a dark, oily ground bean from a coffee machine would almost certainly give crema. It extracts the top layer of flavours, the overtones rather than just the undertones if that makes sense so the dark oily like texture is extracted to get crema. ?
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