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  1. [email protected] It has a 53mm non-pressurized filter, Brass Portafilter (not normal for the new entry level ones like Saeco Poemia and others here around). The set weighs 7kg but the tamper that came is horrible. I already bought an appropriate tamper. It should arrive soon. My grinder is a Crushgrind Colombia. I'm looking for a Eureka Perfetto as I use Aeropress and Hario V60 as well. Enviado de meu MI 8 Lite usando o Tapatalk
  2. Hi all. I use to read some here around and decided to sign in to learn a bit more about coffee... I just bought this brand new old espresso machine and have been great to play with it. [emoji23] Does anyone know it? Made in Italy in 1993. lol. I dont know how but there is a coffee shop here in Brazil selling it brand new for about £30. Enviado de meu MI 8 Lite usando o Tapatalk
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