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  1. Thanks for the reply. After lots of faffing around with it dismantling to get at the switch etc and rebuilding, it’s just the same, so it’s off to one of our members who’s kindly going to hopefully bypass the PCB to make it just a manual on off grinder if the PCB has a unrepairable problem.
  2. Italian slant to your search would be to consider an older refurbished Classic from the period(2002-2004).In my humble opinion these machines in particular were the best Classics to come out of the Italian factory for a number of reasons. The enclosures were upgraded to Stainless Steel and made thicker, thus eliminating the rust problems that beset so many earlier mild Steel casings They we’re still running the 1425w capacities making for quicker warm ups. They housed the much larger Parker or Olab solenoid valves, thus reducing the likelihood of lime scale blockage-within the a
  3. Hello there My own Ceado 37S is poorly with a defective electronic problem, I suspect it’s the PCB. I think I have a buyer for it as my electrical knowledge is awful and don’t want to mess with that aspect of it, although I have dismantled it to throughly clean it and to remove and check the switch mechanism which seems to be ok. So; because I love my grinder I would like another fully functioning one to replace it and yours seems just the job. Could you let me know whether you definitely have a buyer for yours? Couldyou let me know something anyway. Thanks Gilly
  4. Hi yes working as normal. The display won’t let me in to the menu; it just scrolls to total number of shots, and number of shots since reset. The beep as gone also. It’s stuck on manual but get nothing when the PF button is depressed.
  5. Hi Lake Wit’s end so would be happy to pack up and post to you. Pity to lose the electronics but a manual grinder is fine by me. Thanks again
  6. Thanks to both for their input on this especially Frank. Stox; is their anyway you could talk me through this with pics etc. Do you just completely remove the PCB?? Any advice would be welcomed as now months have gone by and my coffee just sucks.!
  7. Hello again Frank. Right; after dissembling the grinder and using my small hands to remove the switch and then cleaning it and trying to test it, I then spent Saturday afternoon reassembling. After all that effort Frank nothing has changed. I still have a display that won’t change from manual setting and I can’t get into reset mode and also there’s no beep. Im now thinking it’s not the switch but a problem with the electronics?? via the display. Any thoughts; I’m not enjoying my coffee anymore using my loaned Iberital doser Where can I get it looked at Frank, any idea
  8. Hello try David Wiggins at Courtyard Coffee Roasters in Eccleshall Staffordshire. Small independence Roaster who roasts some magnificent Indian Monsooned MALABAR. Smoky, full bodied and no acidity, wouldnt drink anything else especially as I don’t take milk or sugar. Try it I’m sure you’ll love it!!☕️☕️
  9. Thanks Frank you are a gent!!
  10. Utter electrical numpty here; never used a meter before, where do I set it from the photo? and which terminals do I place the red and black test needles? sorry🤪🤪🤪
  11. Ok Frank I’m so far down the rabbit hole now there’s no going back! Removed the entire pcb and the plate above the motor to access the switch which is incredibly fiddly to get off as the nuts/screws invariably fall into the machine; what fun, plus it is 45c in my conservatory!! Anyway I’ve sent more pics. What do I do now with the switch??
  12. Ok discharged the capacitor as you said. Got in with a softish brush and throughly cleaned. Tried to undo the tiny nut off the screw x 2 holding the switch and can’t get into it properly. At this point cleaned the inside with a vacuum and replaced things and decided to see if it now works. In short no; it’s just as before, so what tool will I need to get onto those tiny nuts? I will need to remove the switch anyway should this prove to be faulty so it’s got to come off regardless. Depressing the switch manually does contact the knib ok and so on. Thanks again Jill
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