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  1. Hi Frank;

    Hope you are well these days and keeping safe.

    I managed to fix the Ceado with the help of a member on here, he removed the pcb as now all is well again!

    I now have another problem; this time with my own Gaggia Classic. It has a Shades PID and front mount pressure gauge. Yesterday I got up and switched on as usual and went about my morning ritual. As I returned to the machine I hadn't noticed that it had not come on, no power at all to anything, PID,front switch, machine stone cold.

    Im guessing a fuse as gone somewhere, but to be honest I don’t know where to start looking. I’ve enclosed some photos of the interior and wondered if you could direct me in any way to a remedy.

    Its a 2002 1425w with Ulka pump.

    Regards Gill




    1. El carajillo

      El carajillo

      Hi Gilly,  take a look on the top of the boiler L/H side, you should see a wire inside a piece of plastic tube under a clip held by a screw.

      This is the 'thermal' fuse this carries all power to switch.

      If it has overheated this may / could have gone (melted)

      With your new meter set to low ohms = resistance, touch the probes to the fuse / wire where it leaves the plastic tube, if no reading the fuse has blown / melted ( most likely). test  with machine unplugged.

      Does not matter which way round you use the probes.


    2. Gilly


      Thanks Frank

      Ive replaced many a thermal fuse on Classics so this won’t be a problem.

      If this doesn’t cure I’ll let you know and maybe you could advise further.

      Take care Frank

      Kind regards Gill.

    3. El carajillo

      El carajillo

      Also check the lead for continuity end to end each core, more use for your new meter.

  2. Name those machines??!!!
  3. Gilly


    So Costa Coffee giving its deserved staff a 5% pay rise; great news; however now seeking 2k staff to plug the ‘demand’ . Cant quite understand the ‘ demand ‘ though; I’ve sifted through their offerings to find I’m paying good buck to drink essentially coloured water; am I being unfair? Their milk based coffees simply disguise the awfulness of the bean/brew. Can’t get my head round Costas popularity. At least Nero give a double shot in their standard AMERICANO which makes a slight CREMA and is slightly less awful. Discuss.
  4. View Advert GAGGIA CLASSIC ENCLOSURE Hope this can be useful to someone! Its a Stainless Steel casing for a Classic. it’s ok condition but has some rivets in it, and the steam knob hole is non standard and has been welded on a some point. Free for cost of postage Uk only. or collection Staffs area. Advertiser Gilly Date 04/09/21 Price Category Pay it forward  

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    Hope this can be useful to someone! Its a Stainless Steel casing for a Classic. it’s ok condition but has some rivets in it, and the steam knob hole is non standard and has been welded on a some point. Free for cost of postage Uk only. or collection Staffs area.


    - GB

  6. One big difference between stock baskets and IMS/VST is the ability to clean easily so the holes do not become blocked over time resulting in poor flow as with OEM baskets.
  7. This is my Lelit with an EDESIA express Walnut handle.
  8. Agree with above, light roasts are not for everyone but they seem ‘fashionable’ at the moment. Personally I prefer a strong but mellow smoky roast with little or no acidity or bitter aftertaste. For me after years of different roasts/beans it comes back to either a dark Ethiopean or even better a very dark Indian Monsooned MALABAR . Try David at ‘Courtyard coffee roasters’ in Eccleshall Staffs; he roasts these to just beyond 2nd crack, and I’ve never had a bad batch from him although I’m local he does mail order. Hope this helps.
  9. Wow what a star!! There's some really good/nice knowledgable folk on here and I’m blessed. Big up to Andy for his time and effort, what would we do without this forum. Thanks to Frank also for his input on here.
  10. Hi Frank Did what i could but the problem seems to be with the PCB so I’ve sent it off to Lake a member on here to see if he can work something out. He may have to by pass the electronics so it just becomes an on demand only which really doesn’t bother me. I’ll keep you posted!!
  11. Hi I reacently purchased a Lido 2 as like you I was dissatisfied with results from my Hario and Aeropress whilst away from home. Find it gives more consistent grinds and is not too bulky for my morning brew in the Campervan. Look for a good used example.
  12. Gilly

    Wet Shaving

    Wet shave my belly.
  13. Thanks for the reply. After lots of faffing around with it dismantling to get at the switch etc and rebuilding, it’s just the same, so it’s off to one of our members who’s kindly going to hopefully bypass the PCB to make it just a manual on off grinder if the PCB has a unrepairable problem.
  14. Italian slant to your search would be to consider an older refurbished Classic from the period(2002-2004).In my humble opinion these machines in particular were the best Classics to come out of the Italian factory for a number of reasons. The enclosures were upgraded to Stainless Steel and made thicker, thus eliminating the rust problems that beset so many earlier mild Steel casings They we’re still running the 1425w capacities making for quicker warm ups. They housed the much larger Parker or Olab solenoid valves, thus reducing the likelihood of lime scale blockage-within the assembly. The OPV was infinitely adjustable, without the need for tertiary springs. The Pump was the more powerful Invensys allowing the use of a dimmer switch to be incorporated. All the internals were brass, including the steam valve. They didn’t have this awful EU directive 20 min cut off switch! very annoying. They we’re infinitely SERVICABLE. No motherboard or plasticky bits internally. The simple addition of a RANCILIO mk2 wand and the mod to 9 bar pressure bought this vintage machine into proper prosumer territory. These vintage machines unlike the new pro, have stood the test of time, and their increasing collectability among the purists have seen their values rising. As with most but not all things the saying holds true ‘they don’t make em like they used to’.
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