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  1. Thank u very much it all now makes sense. As I use steam and counted 14 drops my bypass setting is 2
  2. Hi I have a BWT test kit> i understand that you have to put 1 drop at a time till it changes colour. How does this relate to the setting requires on the BWT head? Ie if it takes 6 drops what bypass setting should be used? 10 drops? How do you work it out please
  3. Hi I have an izzo alex duetto and today the steam knob failed and came off. The knob seems to comprise of a washer ( not shown) a spring and a half moon metal washer. I have worked out that the half moon washer fits on the outside of the knob around the spigot which pokes through the hole ( copper part of knob) as you turn the knob and spring on inside. What is happening is the half moon washer is being forced as the knob is rotated out and it comes off. What can I do? Is the washer loose and if so where can I get another please
  4. Hi, I Thought it would be useful to post a complete set of pictures here. I have owned an Alex izzo 3 for about 4 years and have used only brita filtered water all the time. About a year ago I replaced the temperature probe on the brew boiler which made me realise that I could access the inside of the boiler that way. In time I purchased a waterproof endoscope for around £20 and pushed it into the brew boiler and took photos. I was amazed at how scaled up it looked. I decided to descale by mixing 50 grammes of citric acid to around a litre of water. After dissolving the crystals in a little warm water I added cold water and after syringing the brew boiler out, I added the dissolved citric acid to the boiler, put the probe back in, brought up to temp, switched off and left for half hour then syringed dirty water out and flushed till clean. I just wanted to highlight that any machine and in this case the izzo can be descaled at low cost and should be done maybe once a year depending on water. The Izzo is a great machine but could have done with valves underneath the boiler for easier descaling. Also I noticed after descaling, the coffee seems less bitter and more balanced. It makes you realise that when considering in buying a machine think about how easy it is to maintain. You will need to do this at some point. It would be good if machines were rated not only on performance but also on maintenance. Eg the ECM machines seem very well laid out and easier to maintain. The izzo a great machine but seems a little cluttered inside. Maybe DAVEUK with his expertise or others could shed some light on design considerations on machines out there regarding ease of maintenance.
  5. a little citic acid and clean as a whistle
  6. I have dropped a probe with a camera to look at the element before descaling. You can clearly see calcium deposits on the element. I will descale it in next few days and hopefully show it improved.
  7. rocky66


    Hi to all, I have read your forums with interest and have decided to contribute myself. I have gone from nespresso to gaggia to izzy alex duetto 3 and niche zero. A coffee nut with many good and bad experiences in the black arts of coffee extraction. I have learnt much but always eager to learn more.
  8. Hi, I purchased a duetto about 5 years ago and have never descaled it. Except for changing the temperature probe once it has had no faults. I have decided to descale it and have undone the nut over the brew boiler to initially syringe out the water. To my surprise it was a milky cloudy colour. It has never come out anything but clear on the brewhead. I replaced the water with a little clear cold tap water just to see if it would come out cloudy. A minute later I syringed it out and it was cloudy but less so than the first time. Why is happening? I can only assume that it must be picking up some residue. Interestingly I have put the extracted water into a glass and let it rest. After resting the water cleared leaving a residue at the bottom. I have used a brita jug filter throughout.
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