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  1. Given that you want a doser I would definitely be looking into a second hand mazzer. Much sure you understand that with a dose comes a lot of stale coffee though. You can go for a timed dispenser that would give you the benefit of both worlds, hooper full of beans but less places for then to hang and get stale
  2. The niche Zero is just above your budget but if you can stretch to it I would certainly consider it. Otherwise I have the Vario and it has served me well for the past 10 years and just started giving me problems recently.
  3. If I had to guess the origin I would probably go with Guatemala but don't feel to strong about this one. Seems like your average central/South America coffee so would be interesting to find out where it actually comes from and like last month, getting it totally wrong
  4. I would recommend you read the two pinned posts at the top of this forum board. From your post it seems you don't fully understand the differences between the differents types of machines and what their advantages or weak points are. Therefore it is hard to recommend anything specific. I would also say you want to spend more on the grinder than on the machine so keep that in mind.
  5. Bacms

    Question re Next Q

    Sure, fine with me
  6. Been enjoying this one as espresso and the occasional V60. Definitely not my usual going to coffee but quite pleasant as a comforting espresso. Reminds me of milk chocolate and praline. I am using 21g in which is way more than what I normally do but the volume of my regular 18g seems very low in the basket.
  7. What are you finding inconsistent? The classic suffers mainly from temperature inconsistency which can be solved by a PID. So as mentioned above that inconsistency is almost certainly coming from the grinder so in my opinion your money will be better spend there. In addition if you get a good grind and still decide to upgrade the machine the grinder will already been taken care of
  8. I would also consider upgrading to a better grinder rather than upgrading to a new machine. Is there any reason you want to upgrade from the Gaggia?
  9. Bacms

    OPV Question

    The OPV has no effect on the thermal stability of the machine. It draws cold water from the tank and directs it to the boiler or back at the tank if the pressure is higher than what the OPV was setup at. So it works before the water gets warmed up at the boiler. Assuming you have an "old" gaggia with a brass OPV it will get warm as well which technical could warm the water by a few degrees but the water passes through it too fast for it to really have an impact
  10. Inspired by your thread I will also be dabbling in oak. Is it too much for a classic? The photo also makes it way more red than what it looks like in real life Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  11. I really enjoyed the one included with the taster pack from Square mile. If I remember correctly it was the Dambi Udo
  12. Vario has became vacant so it was time to give it a try there. 18g in 42g out in about 29sec. Much brighter and fruity than before something like grapes or cherries. But lacked body and sweetness so will keep playing with it. Really interesting how much it changed due to the grinder Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  13. Given all the comments on this one I decided to have a go today even though I still have the grinder loaded with the sweetshop espresso blend from Square mile. It does however provided me with good contrast to compare against this one. Once I opened the bag I could see why people are suggesting a natural process however the kind of fermented fruit smells you tend to get on natural is nowhere near as strong on this one so I am wondering whether this is a pulp natural rather than a full natural. Given the Vario is taken I went and used the commandante on this one, six clicks from zero which tend to be too fine but given the advice given above for a finer grinder I stuck with it. 17g->~34g out in 24 seconds In the cup this is definitely a lot cleaner than a natural so my suspicions of it not being a natural increased. It was quite juicy, very easy to drink with very low acidity and good sweetness. I would say this one reminds me more more of a jam taste than strawberry. Body was a bit lacking and not much of an aftertaste though so need to try and increase strength or lower yield to see if I pick something else on this one. Will also have a go at it using my V60 this afternoon so will report later on what I find on that
  14. I believe @Zwanger has left the forum so as much as I agree with you I think at this point it's water under the bridge
  15. The numbers of each grinder put for sale are not known as far as I can tell. Probably more than what we think but lower than the current demand for sure.
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