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  1. little OT. How do you get the doses count menu?
  2. Great I PM you for more details.
  3. Oh, ok. I'll wait. Tell me something about your decision. Thanks!
  4. So, what you think about 800 GBP and shared shipping?
  5. Hi, I offer 900 Euros shipping included to Spain.
  6. Thank you for the diagram! I'll take a look. Thanks for the clarification. As always you're crystal clear. That new feature it's so nice! Machine is getting better and better.
  7. Thank you John for your time. It helps, but I still don't understand how this machine works. Sorry. My experience with other machines, it's that flow is related to puck pressure. Specially after the puck has been fully saturated with water after a long preinfusion, because you need high and quick flow to create resistance on the puck, otherwise the puck will let pass the water easily and low pressure will be created... Unless you work with a machine with a needle valve like an Slayer. But AFAIK Decent machines don't use needle valves, isnt it? In the "bloom profile" graph, a
  8. Could anyone explain why the high pressure rise happens after the pause part with only a 2.2 ml/s flow? How the Decent machine measures the pressure? With such low flow I'll expect low pressure. Which it's what happens, for example, on a GS3. So I don't understand it. @decent_espresso
  9. Haha!! I'm reading your all posts since yesterday, and I'm laughing my a** off with this I'm imagining you going to a café: "Hello, Mrbarista, an espresso, a glass of water and a scale, s'il vous plait. I bring the refractometer myself." You're my hero.
  10. @robashton Now more than a month later... What are you doing? ? 1:3 low temp fast shots or 1:3 high temp slow shots? I don't understand why you changed your mind from 20" to +30" shots.... ¿?
  11. Do you have the "old" GS3 MP model without the "strada" modification?
  12. RDT solves that. That's what I do when too much static/sticky coffee.
  13. Good question. Yes, I use them only when I have guests I end up pouring espresso into 240ml Non Neutral cups. Probably because I taste far more than I drink, so I can low temp immediately and sip.
  14. The little Niche looks like it doesn't belong to there at all. What a massive gear you have there. Great!
  15. Quality isn't the proper word. Suitable (grind for X method) perhaps? Optimal (grind for X method)? About Consistency thats what I said "perhaps", I have no data but knowing that the last part of beans are not under weight and that, aparently, change its grind size, I have my doubts about the particle size consistency shot to shot. Yes. I must use hoppers grinders with beans in it. No need to be full, but it must contain certain amount. They were designed that way, and usually in the user guide there's a warning talking about mininal amount of coffee in the hopper to optimal
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