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  1. Thank you for the diagram! I'll take a look. Thanks for the clarification. As always you're crystal clear. That new feature it's so nice! Machine is getting better and better.
  2. Thank you John for your time. It helps, but I still don't understand how this machine works. Sorry. My experience with other machines, it's that flow is related to puck pressure. Specially after the puck has been fully saturated with water after a long preinfusion, because you need high and quick flow to create resistance on the puck, otherwise the puck will let pass the water easily and low pressure will be created... Unless you work with a machine with a needle valve like an Slayer. But AFAIK Decent machines don't use needle valves, isnt it? In the "bloom profile" graph, after the pause, seems that puck pressure is near zero, and then with a low flow, the pressure sky rocket to +10 bar. And that's with a fully saturated puck which it's very permeable! So, that's why it surprise me. If I try to get high pressure on my GS3 with around 2-3 ml/s with a fully saturated puck, I'm sure pressure will not pass 3-4 bar as much. If we use a portafilter pressure gauge in the Decent (with exit water flow emulating a shot) the reading would be the same as the display?
  3. Could anyone explain why the high pressure rise happens after the pause part with only a 2.2 ml/s flow? How the Decent machine measures the pressure? With such low flow I'll expect low pressure. Which it's what happens, for example, on a GS3. So I don't understand it. @decent_espresso
  4. Haha!! I'm reading your all posts since yesterday, and I'm laughing my a** off with this I'm imagining you going to a café: "Hello, Mrbarista, an espresso, a glass of water and a scale, s'il vous plait. I bring the refractometer myself." You're my hero.
  5. @robashton Now more than a month later... What are you doing? ? 1:3 low temp fast shots or 1:3 high temp slow shots? I don't understand why you changed your mind from 20" to +30" shots.... ¿?
  6. Do you have the "old" GS3 MP model without the "strada" modification?
  7. RDT solves that. That's what I do when too much static/sticky coffee.
  8. Good question. Yes, I use them only when I have guests I end up pouring espresso into 240ml Non Neutral cups. Probably because I taste far more than I drink, so I can low temp immediately and sip.
  9. The little Niche looks like it doesn't belong to there at all. What a massive gear you have there. Great!
  10. Quality isn't the proper word. Suitable (grind for X method) perhaps? Optimal (grind for X method)? About Consistency thats what I said "perhaps", I have no data but knowing that the last part of beans are not under weight and that, aparently, change its grind size, I have my doubts about the particle size consistency shot to shot. Yes. I must use hoppers grinders with beans in it. No need to be full, but it must contain certain amount. They were designed that way, and usually in the user guide there's a warning talking about mininal amount of coffee in the hopper to optimal performance. And that's one of the reasons because I have none at home right now. Also I have an EK43s that works for single dosing flawless.
  11. Yup. But also he's compare it with the EK43 single dosing. IMHO the Niche should have used a tube over the path with a weight to top up the beans like a lot of people have modded their grinders. I'm starting to have some random thoughts about how to do it (which isnt a positive thing), problem is the niche angle. The Niche zero retention capability it's TERRIFIC. I've never seen something like this at this price point. Pity about the bean feed!
  12. I don't agree with the point that we are comparing apples and oranges and pears. To establish a fair comparison we need to use the grinders as they were designed. The Niche as single dosing. The Mythos with a full hopper. Then compare the grind quality. We will find that while a Mythos produces a narrow distribution, the Niche produces a wide distribution and, perhaps, due to popcorning, with moderate or high variability between shots.
  13. Perhaps it will suits you well. A lot of people have been using Compak's K10 Barista modded to single dosing (especially US folks at HB forum) and in my view the quality must be very similar. Don't think so it's possible. You would need to fit DRM burrs into the Niche. Not possible. Or have a burr carrier like the EK to provide a constant and consistent bean feed into the burrs.
  14. Uh. Weird thing happens sometimes. I was going to write something very similar about grind quality (I promise) As I told you in the other thread, I just received the grinder, I have to season the burrs well but I see an (expected) issue with the grinding. As you said the particle spread it's too wide due to single dosing with burrs that were not designed to do this (IMHO), so it happens you have to grind a lot of finer than you would do it with a grinder with a full hopper. This obviusly affects the coffee taste, because you end up with some big particles and some very fine particles. The problem with this it's you cannot fix it just with stirring the grinds. This way you homogenize the particles across the puck but still have a very wide particle distribution. I pulled some shots with the "hopper" just with 16g, and the hopper almost full (about 40) but only grinding 16. I have had shot time differences of more than 15", even 20" between the 2. (Faster for single dosing, slower for full hopper)
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