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  1. Hasi, thank you for your kind welcome. One of the steps of making Turkish coffee is that any sugar is always added at the beginning of the preparation. It means that with guests its one size fits all or that you prepare seperately for each individual. Most Turkish households will therefore have a collection of different sized coff pots. I have a very small one [120 total capacity ] thats good for ca 70 cc water and 5-7 grams of ground coffee.
  2. Any decent restaurant will serve Turkish coffee along with a glass of water for cleansing your palate.In any event as you gain experience drinking this style of brew you will simply get used to not taking in any grounds.
  3. Thats a standard and popular way of preparing "mud" coffee throughout the middle east. The "mud" is the sludge that remains in the cup, its a sort of lazy mans Turkish coffee. With finely ground coffee of good quality you will get a good cup of coffee with a foam on the top.
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