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  1. He is a top bloke, as you say always eager to talk leaf and coffee. My favs are his El Salvador, Brazilian and one from Peru. I prefer them for espresso and they do wonders in my Espro press.
  2. Now I know why I got the grandkids black beads, matches the Niche nicely 😉
  3. I'd been trawling the net comparing grinders (this and others) as I usually have 2 or 3 beans on the go and single dosing works for me. So read a lot of stuff on the forum and watched vid by James Hoffman, so bit the bullet and bought one. Had the grinder a week now and I'm blown away with it. My coffee that I previously thought was the 'beans' is now stunning, can't believe the difference the Niche has made. After contacting James at Niche to clarify some burr settings, I have been using the grinder for french press. Only takes a few seconds to adjust 1 full revolution of the adjustment ring and less than a minute to return to espresso setting. All it requires is doing the adjustment back to espresso setting in increments of 10 on the dial, followed by having the motor run for a second or two just to make sure no chunks of beans are left from the coarse grind. A small price to pay for me as the grinder is far better then the one I had for french press. As for popping beans near to the end, I placed a blind portafilter basket on top of the beans and this stopped it. Going on from there I fashioned a contact lense shape out of Hama beads a little bigger than the size of the 58mm basket. Sits nicely on the top of the beans and having the bowl shape made the beans pop less.
  4. What a great idea. My one and only place to 'buy what you try' when I'm up and around the Lake District. Rinaldo's Speciality Coffee & Tea Ltd, Unit 12 Lakeland Food Park, Crook Rd, Kendal, Cumbria. LA8 8QJ
  5. Hi ChrisMG How are you finding life with the Niche? I get all my beans from Rin and have just got the ECM Mechanika Slim from him. I always single dose as I like to switch between beans almost every other shot. Cheers TonyB
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