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  1. Yes, because numbers are there it's obvious to compare with other grinders of the same. Unlike my old Iberital MC2 that had no numbers so nothing to compare against other users.
  2. No shots taste fine, usually. I just seem to be on lower numbers than most. Slight discrepancy of burrs maybe?
  3. This morning's beans were roasted end July, opened about a week ago and kept in a small Airscape container. Grind is set at 5. Machine is an ECM Mechanika Slim V, a VST 15g basket (15g dose) and an IMS shower screen. I use homemade WDT to ensure no clumps, tap level and tamp. From pulling lever to 1st drops is about 12s and shows about 9.5 bar pressure. From 1st drop to 30g weight of shot takes about 20s.
  4. Using NFC disc I'm down as low as 4 or 5 on some beans and 8 for others, mostly light medium or medium roast. Tried cleaning and re-calibrating but if I set it around 15 it pulls the shot 1st around 10s.
  5. Thank you Davec and Clive for your replies. I think I'll do a sample of each for my colleague and see if she prefers one or the other. Many thanks again cheers
  6. Hi all, Does anybody use the Niche to grind beans for a Bialetti Mocha pot? A work colleague has been using pre ground and wants me to grind some of the beans I use so they sample the coffee in the Bialetti. The beans they wanted to sample, I grind on no.8 for espresso. Would anybody have any idea what number to use as a starter? Some opinions seem to say espresso (ish) grind size and I've seen others that say drip grind size. Apologies in advance if posted in wrong section. Cheers
  7. You had to buy a screwdriver! I had to buy a screwdriver and a disc!!😂😂
  8. I do the same so never in wrong position. I switch between espresso, espro, V60 and coffee bags all day and so far no problems.
  9. Snap. I put a bit of tape so always have my reference point
  10. Well I fitted the disc and left the grind setting as normal at no.11 and it flew through. So I then moved the setting to no. 8 and it was near normal. On of the beans I use I have had set at no.5 or 6 without the disc, so if I have to tighten it up by a similar smount that means it'll be at no.2 or 3. Have I calibrated it wrong? As most people seem to be at or around 10.
  11. Exactly my thoughts when I decided to get a Niche.
  12. thought I saw in some earlier posts that the machines and/or NFC disc comes from China. So (if correct) in the light of things at the moment could be sometime.
  13. Similar to what I have, except mine has USB to recharge batteries. I single dose with the Niche and fits under my portafilter fine to measure shots. Doesn't have a timer but for the times i need it i use my phone, microwave ir the old fashion way. One thousand and one, one thousand and two......... Phidlance Kitchen Scales, Digital Food Scales with Bowls, USB Rechargeable Weighing Baking Cooking Scales with Accurate Precision, 3000g/0.1g, Tara PCS Function, Unite g ct DWT ozt oz gn lb tl ml https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07V788JJJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_FpJtEbWN468KX
  14. I use a supplier from the lakes whose roast I would say is on the lighter side of med to medium. I usually grind his beans between 8 and 10 with a ratio of 17g in 35g out in around 35 sec including pre infusion of 6-7 seconds. I use an ECO Mechanika Slim set at just under 10 bar and a levelling Jack, but I also tamp.
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