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  1. Luigi76

    Niche Zero White

    @rdo insurance for 350€ is 15€ (395€ total) [2% of the insured value, with a minium of 15€]
  2. Luigi76

    Niche Zero White

    Thanks @MildredM for the suggestion! I am already covering for part of the shipping cost, if buyer wants insured shipment I can provide but it will be on top of the 380€. If buyer decides to go without insurance it will be at their own risk.
  3. Luigi76

    Niche Zero White

    Hi @rdo, I can sell this at 380 euro shipped with full tracking (no insurance). This is valid for Bulgaria and other countries in the Euro zone. Luigi
  4. My 2 cents: this is what I do every day (or 3-4 times per week) on my LMLM: empty & clean the drip tray wash the shower screen wash baskets and portafilters clean the counter around the grinder and the machine ?
  5. Luigi76

    Niche Zero White

    Just to answer to @filthynines and @Cooffe: I haven't shipped it around, the Zero has been on my kitchen counter all the time I said "abrasive pad" but what I did was a quick pass with the abrasive side of a scotch-brite sponge to clean up some mess. Maybe those were weak spots in the paint? I seriously thought about shipping it back to Niche, but it seems that that the coating is not covered by warranty and the marks weren't there when I received the grinder.
  6. Luigi76

    Niche Zero White

    Hi @rdo Thanks, but no. The grinder is almost new and works perfectly. I have already discounted the price because of those marks. If I can't sell it at that price I will keep it as my spare grinder ?
  7. Luigi76

    Niche Zero White

    Sure, here you are. Grinder wasn't dropped (you would see marks along the edges/corners), and the only things the grinder was hit with was the portafilter and its stainless steel cup.
  8. Luigi76

    Niche Zero White

    Awesome question, I found those marks after "someone" cleaned it with an abrasive pad.
  9. Luigi76

    Niche Zero White

    Niche Zero White Received from Niche in March 2019 and used until May 2019 220V with EU plug Selling just because I prefer the taste profile of flat burrs Perfect working conditions, ground 2Kg of beans max All the original accessories and package included Please note the multiple small dents in the coating around the exit area (check the pictures) Price: 350€ + shipping from Italy (PayPal)
  10. @Sparkyx I didn't consider Compak E8 mostly for the size. Why do you think it's better than the E37S? Thanks.
  11. @coffeechap thanks for the suggestion, for "ZM" you mean Mazzer ZM? Definitely not trying to do SD with e37s or Atom, just planning to use them as good on demand grinders with a hopper.
  12. Looking for first hand opinions about this grinder, how does it compare to k30? Thanks!
  13. I am looking into upgrading into a flat grinder with larger burrs. I loved the single dosing routine of Niche but I don't see many options for single dosing flat grinders. Current list of candidates: Ceado e37s Eureka Atom 75 Wait until September & see if some new owner of Monolith Flat Max drops their old Flat ? Suggestions are welcome!
  14. Linea Mini & Eurka Mignon Specialita. I am planning an upgrade on the grinder but I am still looking for the right candidate. I tried Niche and while I liked the routine I didn't like it in the cup (just a matter of taste)
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