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  1. They don’t have a roast date on but they are fresh, apparently. They’re from coffee masters, they have a batch code on them. They smell like you’ve just walked into a coffee bean shop though, love it. Ok, so sounds like I’m somewhere near and getting closer. Thanks
  2. Plus sorry for late replies. Was expect an email when there were any comments, just turned that setting on
  3. My double shot got 63g grind dose was 17g
  4. Using a double basket. Gonna get set up and pull a shot. Will let you know how much I get
  5. Hi guys. First post on here as a new “proper” coffee machine owner. Have just bought a Sage Barista Express and I’m having trouble getting the perfect shot. I went through a full bag of Lavazza Rossi beans and didn’t pull a decent shot. Have just received a bag of fresh beans and found an instant improvement. Pressure gauge is perfect, no problem there and the taste is amazing. However, it’s taking about 9 seconds before the coffee starts pouring, which the book says over extraction, but total time for the shot to take is 20 seconds which means under extraction. The grind is set to 6 and I’m getting 16/17g any help would be great as I don’t want to waste a full bag of these amazing beans. Thanks
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