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  1. @AdG is right, you definitely shouldn't connect the pi GPIO to the Silvia board directly, use a relay with signal side connected to the pi GPIOs and load side connected across the power button terminals on the silvia
  2. I'll send a pm with some details of the problems I had and suggestions for model tweaks
  3. I'll run one of these off this evening in PETG and feed back any thoughts. I use one of those big heavy distributors at the moment so interested to see how this compares. Very cool mod, something about the useless ornament 'for the sake of it' prints on thingiverse always winds me up, awesome to see a mod that makes one of them into a unique and effective tool. Kudos!
  4. I don't have a classic, but could have a go at 3D printing them for you if you can provide dimensions of the part? Though if the goal is simply to join two wires, I would agree with the above that crimping or otherwise terminating the wires would be a far easier solution!
  5. Nice...great offer @BlackCatCoffee I'll give you a pm
  6. Hi all, Since my other half has gotten into pourovers my mazzer SJ has been fully commandeered. I find it too difficult to adjust it for one espresso, so looking for a second grinder i can leave on filter grind so i can get back to exclusive use of the SJ. Not looking to spend a lot, say up to £75. Anyone have anything for me?
  7. Just wanted to say, we had a problem in this sale with (catastrophic) courier damage to the grinder, and Martin has nobly refunded me before even receiving the funds back from the courier claim. Good guy. 👌
  8. Not going to quibble over a fiver, so that's a deal. Ok to move to pm?
  9. I'll offer £50 posted?
  10. I mean, it's his grinder, he should be free to do what he wants with it. A rule that makes it harder for people to sell to form members (even lurking prospective members) seems counter intuitive to me. Just my 2 cents.
  11. My brother is after a grinder and likes to fix things, so I'll take this at asking price. Ok to move to pm?
  12. Robbie

    Green coffee for sale

    Hope I'm not too late to the party - any chance of 2kg brasil & 2kg Honduras?
  13. Hi man, as I said it's a stretch so I'll hold my offer at 500 for now. Best of luck with the sale and you know where to find me if you change your mind! Cheers
  14. Hi @funinacup, I'm Edinburgh based and looking to upgrade. This is a little bit of a stretch for me budget-wise, I don't suppose your friend would come down to £500? Given that its a couple of years old and outside of the warranty. Thanks, Robbie
  15. Sorry not been getting these notifications - I sent this off already so should be with you shortly
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