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  1. I am grinding 13g at 1:4 and it's taking me between 2.5 to 3 mins. Is this normal? It almost feels like the beans aren't being fed into the burrs consistently, as many of the rotations have very little resistance and you can't really feel the grinding happening. The only analogy I can make is picking too high of a gear while bicycling. You pedalling furiously but not moving very fast.
  2. I get that but given handgrinders are prone to this would this be an acceptable amount of wobble? It's my first handgrinder so I'm not sure.
  3. It's set quite fine actually. It's at 1:0. Burrs stop rubbing at 0:5 so that's not an issue at all.
  4. My aergrind has visible burr wobble but is it bad enough to warrant a return? I have posted a video of the same. I need to decide asap to I hope someone here can help me soon.
  5. Based solely on grind quality which which one would you recommend and why? I typically brew Aeropress and finer.
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