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  1. I bought through them at the end. Arrived all good
  2. So, interestingly I left some Minor Figures and some Oatly Barista milks in a couple glasses. I was doing it to get them to the same temperature so I could try sip each and determine the taste difference. I didn't expect the separation to be quite so different when sitting. The oatly one is the one that separated a lot. They were both fine when mixed. Just found it interesting.
  3. Thanks for the tips. I must admit that some are probably a bit rich for my blood. I can't seem to bring myself to spend £30 for a bag, even though it'll last most the month. My pallet just isn't mature enough. Some day worth a try though.
  4. I like trying new roasters but was hoping there would be a couple recommended good beans that I could try and find my favourite out of them. Maybe not fantastic but good. Something I would always go to if friends/family were coming round and didn't want to risk a strange blend that happens to show up that week.
  5. AlanB1976

    What to try next

    Hi all. I started with Rave and have tried a couple of local places, but still haven't found a bean that can be my "good old favourite". I'm trying Coffee Compass now but have ordered their #11 which won't be there forever so will still need to look around some more. I was going to order from Has Bean but read a couple of reviews of their quality going down (not to mention some of their prices being way too much for my wallet). Where can you recommend I try next for a good old stable? Thanks. Alan P.s. I drink mainly americano and cappuccino/latte
  6. Not too impressed with Rave lately (maybe just looking for something different). Keen to try coffee compass, so add me to the "begging for a code list" please. Thanks
  7. ok, favourite so far is Hazelnut (cause I love hazelnut chocolate I suppose) but it is far too sweet. Overpowers the coffee. The only "unsweetened" version I found in Tesco was from Innocent (which bragged about only 4 ingredients - hazelnuts, rice, water and some salt) so thought worth a try. It didn't froth well, separated quite a lot in the cup (not the foam but the darker substance from the milk - assuming the hazelnut flavour part) and the taste wasn't quite right....damn. I was so close. I still need to try a few more brands so the tests go on. I might have to start my own oat/hazelnut blend 😆 p.s. Thanks for all the suggestions so far!!!
  8. I only used Oatly. Just found like it tasted too much like I put a spoon of porridge in my coffee. Granted it is oats so can't really get away from that but just made my mind have a taste breakdown. I'll try Minor Figures anyway, just to test.
  9. Also tried almond and hazelnut now. My favourite is hazelnut but after 2 flat white's gets a bit much. I still miss milk so may go back. Maybe swopping between them. I also actually enjoyed the oat milk in an americano so may continue with that.
  10. I've now tried soya and oat. They both taste weird (in different ways). I'm sure it's just because I'm only used to milk and they will grow on me, but at the moment just seem wrong. Actually want to try a nut based one as I enjoy nut tastes in other things. Although I've read that it's bad to froth for a cap/latte
  11. I see Tesco stocks Oatly Foamable. Maybe good enough for a try
  12. Hmmmm..... Doesn't look available anywhere close to me. Are other makes similar, at least enough to get a feel for whether I'd like or dislike this (e.g. Tesco Alpro) or should I skip that and order online?
  13. Hi all I want to start trying out milk alternatives and never realised there were so many variates. I've read a couple posts and understand every person has their tastes, but was hoping to get some advice and recommended starting points. I mainly drink americanos and cappuccino/latte. I could drink the americano black which brings me to the cap/latte.... Any firm favourites on type of alternative milk? I like nutty flavoured things but have read that almond milk isn't that great for frothing. Is that generally or are some brands ok (hopefully available from Tesco - Alpro / Almond Breeze /Tesco own) ? I also assume non-sweetened as I don't usually have sugar in my cap/latte. I also read good things about oat milk, but again, not sure on brand/type. I plan to visit Tesco in the next day or two and make my wife think I'm mad when I come home with 10 cartons of non-milk. Thanks. Alan
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