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  1. True, but I thought volvic contained a good amount of minerals for taste and being soft, so took that as not needing to be softened more or you could reduce taste. Would you recommend a softener with volvic?
  2. Not sure. I just know it's one of those. The web site just says water filter. https://www.sageappliances.com/uk/en/parts-accessories/accessories/ses008wht0neu1.html
  3. Hi all. I'm currently using Volvic water in my Sage Dual Boiler and wanted to find out if I still need to use the filters when doing so? They are damn expensive and if the only point is to filter impurities, I would have imagined that the bottled water companies would have already put the water through a filter process before bottling. Anyone know? Thanks Alan
  4. Mine is OK now. I had it replaced with a new one and it's been working well. But I do have to say that it doesn't seem like a solid build with its adjustments. They could do better. But damn I love the weighing. Made my life so much easier.
  5. I suppose I define the need as "recommended to avoid damage". I do mine about every 3 months and was just wondering if that was too infrequent.
  6. Hi all. For those that use bottled water (specifically volvic), how often do you descale? Thanks. Alan
  7. I think most have the BE as it is older than the pro and you can still get it cheaper on discounts. I don't have either (got the dual boiler) but I can't see a reason to go with the BE and not the Pro. The pro has better grinding settings and faster extracting/steaming swapping times. The pressure gauge does look nice but I've stopped using mine all together. Just go by weight and you will slowly learn to identify by the flow whether it's too fast or slow.
  8. I contacted the supplier and they are replacing it, which is good, but worrying that they have older stock. Now I sit for a few days with no grinder 😭
  9. Hi all I'm gutted. I've just got my new Baratza Sette 270wi and the macro step adjuster is moving while grinding. There is a easy fix to the micro ring moving but I can't see one for the macro ring. I've contacted the supplier but I'm going to be very upset if I have to send it back. Anyone had something similar and knows a fix? Thanks Alan
  10. Thanks. I use bottled water (Volvic) but all water with minerals in will cause some scale. I guess I just don't know how quickly that will build up and when I should descale. Why don't you trust the auto descale function, or is that the long read I need to get in to?
  11. Hi there Descaling the machine is such a tedious task. One step that could make it go a little faster is to empty both boilers at the same time. Instruction manual says first do right screw then left. I don't see why they can't be done at the same time but I'm a bit worried that I damage an expensive machine due to my impatience. Anyone know? Thanks. Alan
  12. Bear in mind that it will change the flavour profile the longer you pull (more bitter). If you don't want strong, maybe pull a standard one and just add a bit of water so it's not over bitter
  13. Mine taste a lot better if I overextract the shot. I now run to about a ratio of 1:2.7 over about 35s to 40s. It just seemed to work a lot better with the oat milk, at least for me. Since then I actually enjoy them and don't just think "I should have just used milk".
  14. Thanks for the replies. Good to know static shouldn't be a problem.
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