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  1. Hi all, Matthew from Brew Coffee Plus here. Really great to read your posts about this coffee! I hope you enjoyed it. This is the first time I've roasted a coffee from Myanmar and it was great to hear your feedback. Of particular note was the level of quality with the green on this one. Incredibly even and consistent. For that reason I can definitely recommend coffees sourced by Indochina. We are going to be launching another natural called Ywangan from them in the future so keep your eyes peeled for that. As a thanks for trying us out I've created a code: LSOLMEMBERS which you can use on our website (enter at the checkout stage) to receive 20% off any coffee. As a last point if anyone is interested, we are going to be brewing at this years Caffe Culture event on the Victoria Arduino experience at the end of the month. There are some some great roasters also exhibiting and we are really looking forward to it. It's free to members of the trade and is probably the best of its kind in the UK held at Angel's business design centre. It would be cool to see you there. Cheers to @Hairy_Hogg for organising and @coffeechap for being the first port of call. Happy brewing!
  2. Hey thusband sounds great, I enjoyed my time in San Francisco a few years back. Saint Frank was super good! We have a great Kenyan PB at the roastery currently if you like fruity/complex coffee. How is it roasting on the Huky? I have a Gene Cafe that needs fixing currently. best, m
  3. Hi all, good to be here. I'm a coffee roaster helping with a new roastery called Brew Coffee Plus in Streatham, South London currently. Started as a barista years ago so nice to be moving forwards in coffee. We are planning to do some experience days / courses / serve coffee on weekends at some point if anyone is in the area. I'm sure we can fit people in to visit also if you are keen as we tend to just roast 1-2 days a week currently. [email protected] is the place to go for that. Looking forward to some good reading/posting in the group soon. Best, m
  4. Yet to use but this seems like a great option in that price range. (Admittedly just over). Has some good reviews. https://coffeehit.co.uk/collections/coffee-brewing-coffee-grinders/products/baratza-sette-30-ap
  5. Google search, good to see it still going strong!
  6. Thanks Glen, an insightful post. I'm glad to be on here currently after having worked in the coffee industry for a while - definitely time I joined the forum life! I started as a barista but happy to be roasting at a new micro-roastery in South London currently. If anyone wants a special code to receive a discount on what we're producing reply back to this post or send me a message, it would be great to hear your thoughts on what we are doing. Our website is www.brewcoffeeplus.com if people are interested. Thanks, m
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