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  1. Thanks - I might see if I can pick up a threaded Portafilter then, and then have a go at hacking my existing moulded one into a bottomless
  2. Thanks - I hadn't thought of converting my existing portafilter. I guess you'd just chop the bottom off with a dremel or something? My only hesitation with that approach would be that I'm not sure my espresso technique is up to using a bottomless full time (I'd be a bit worried about covering the ktichen with coffee) - but I guess I could look to pick up a cheaper threaded portafilter and convert my current one. I'm based in York just in case there's anyone local who could lend me a modern portafilter just to do the pressure test..
  3. I've been reading about the OPV mod, and I think it's something I'd like to tackle on my Gaggia Classic. The issue I have is that the standard way to measure the pressure seems to be to unscrew the double spout from the portafilter, and attach a threaded pressure gauge. My portafilter seems to have the double spouts built into it though - not sure if I have a non-standard portafilter? Just wondered what peoples suggestions were for my best alternatives for measuring the pressure would be? Options I'm considering : - Buy a bottomless portafilter, and a basket with an attached pressure gauge (had been considering getting a bottomless portafilter anyway - so two birds with one stone - Get a permanent pressure gauge to fit into case - I think I could then use it to measure the pressure for OPV modding with a blind basket fitted. How useful is the pressure gauge other than the one time OPV modding? Would consider tackling this as a project if it's something which would be useful to have on the machine.. Are there any cheaper/easier options I'm overlooking? Thanks for any help..
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