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  1. Ahhh, interesting, thank you! Can I ask, where did you find this info? I couldn't find it anywhere, and the white glove service rep had no idea either.
  2. True, I'd still like to know what its purpose is though?!
  3. Hey @Cooffe and @Mrboots2u, thanks for your replies! I don't think I was clear in my initial post. I'm using the standard double basket which I think is as @Mrboots2u said, approx 22g. I've got the double cup scenario covered and can create two decent espressos with a weight of ~30g each. What I'm asking is, should I be aiming for the single cup button to output ~30g? Sounds like a silly question, but I can't find the answer anywhere. If the single cup button does create a single shot, why do most people seem use the 2 cup button to pour 2 separate shots and pour one away?
  4. New oracle owner and love the machine, but I find a double shot is way too strong. I tried the single basket but have been told to avoid it as the results arent great. So, I've been experimenting with the single cup button option. I've read that I should be aiming for 50-60ml total output when using the double cup button, so would it make sense that I should be aiming for ~30ml when I use the single cup button? It's currently set to factory defaults - a 20 sec pour (double is 30), and I have to set the grid way too fine to hit anywhere below 35ml. Can anyone give me some pointers please?
  5. Hi I've just recently upgraded from an aeropress to an oracle and I'm going through the trial and error period of dialling things in. Off the bat, the double basket tastes way too strong for me, so I've been using the included single. There's a lot of info regards settings for the perfect shot using the double basket, but I'm lost with the single. For example, I can't get the pour to start any later than 5s. If I try and grind it ultra fine (12 for example) to slow it down, it ends up over extracted. Does anyone have any general rules when using a single basket? Oh also, the 1/2 cup button is also a little confusing if I'm honest. It might sound silly, but what purpose do these options have apart from increasing the water amount? What's the general affect on taste, and when to use which? Would the 2 cup option with the single basket be a bad idea? Cheers!
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