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  1. I did this yesterday! Managed to get it out by using a jewellers screwdriver and hammer to make an indent in the sheared bolt, and then unscrewed it with the same screwdriver. Much easier than expected.
  2. Iwan

    Pullman/Torr Tampers

    Sorry, still new! Will take at asking, I'll send a PM now.
  3. Iwan

    Pullman/Torr Tampers

    I'm interested in the Torr if it's still available!
  4. Bargain for someone! https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/espresso-coffee-maker-machine-great-coffee/1354763253
  5. Hello! I'm interested in this, would you consider £200 posted? I'm in Aberystwyth. Iwan
  6. Hello! I'm interested, but based in Aberystwyth- don't suppose you come down to the coast every now and then do you? Iwan
  7. Hello! Sorry if this has come up before, but I've just got my hands on a gaggia classic and have seen some talk about adjusting the pressure for better results- does it make a big difference, do I need anything more than a pressure gauge to do it, and can I wing it without one and see some improvement from doing so?
  8. Thanks for your help! I'm going to keep an eye out for an used mignon mkii I think, and if I lose patience waiting I'll go for a new manuale! Also, does anyone know why I can't comment in the for sale section--do I need to reach a certain number of posts?
  9. Would the mkii or the manuale be suitable for french press? I've borrowed an espresso machine but may not have it in future, so ideally need a grinder that could grind for both. Also, does anyone know of any major differences between both except for the lack of timer on the manuale? I see the mkii's go for about £200 second hand, but I could get a new manuale with warranty for only about £40 more- trying to work out what's better value (though I prefer the look of the mkii over the new ones!)
  10. I've been looking at the mignons, and the manuale seems good although I'm not sure whether the lack of timer would be an issue or not. Does any one have any experience with it?
  11. Hello! I've borrowed my dad's gaggia classic (indefinitely..) and looking for a grinder to go with it! I've worked in a few cafes over the years, and I really miss making coffees, making them at home seemed a good solution. My budget's around the £200 mark, and I'm looking for something quite small- don't mind going second hand. If you've any recommendations, or anything for sale, please let me know! Thanks, Iwan
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